Heavy Hyundai i20 N ready for hothatch battle

Hyundai comes for the first time with a direct counterpart to cars such as the Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Polo GTI. The i20 is topped with a spicy N sauce and it is that Hyundai i20 N that is now more visible than ever.

Hyundai’s N adventure started in 2017 with the i30 N, a horny version of the hatchback-style i30 that was later joined by the i30 N Fastback. Hyundai also has an N version of the Veloster not available here on the menu, but it does not stop there. The brand new i20 is also taken care of by the skilled hands of Hyundai’s N department.

Just like the i30 N, the i20 N is a lot more powerful than its N-less brothers and sisters. With the peppery compact hatchback, Hyundai is targeting cars like the Volkswagen Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST, which means that you can count on an output of around 200 hp. It remains to be seen from which machine Hyundai squeezes this power. The facelifted i30 became available with a new 1.5 T-GDI, a petrol engine that may be fitted in the muzzle of the i20 N in modified form. In addition, the sportiest version of the i20 will get things like a better chassis, more powerful braking and a more direct steering system.

From the outside, the naturally eccentrically designed new i20 in N-trim looks to be a striking appearance. Large wheels, relatively heavy bumper work, a roof spoiler: together with the diffuser at the bottom of the buttocks, the small Korean makes a real head turner. More later this year!

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