HomePod saves family after house catches fire

A HomePod helped a family just in time to extinguish a fire started by their dog. But how did this absurd situation come about?

HomePod saves family after house catches fire

On June 26, Colorado firefighters received a call about a house fire. Details of the call were shared in a message on FaceBookThe video below clearly shows how the fire started in the house.

The dog accidentally touched the stove and turned on the hob. And because there were a few cardboard boxes on the hob, a big flame soon appeared. According to the fire department, the residents had already woken up, … thanks to the HomePod.

The fire department said that the homeowners received a warning (notification) from the HomePod. With HomePod mini and HomePod (2nd generation) you can check the temperature and humidity, but the HomePod cannot send notifications if it gets (much) too hot or if there is a fire. But how were the residents informed?

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The HomePod can recognize some sounds. This means that the HomePod may have detected the sound of a fire alarm. The HomePod then sent a notification to the owners’ iPhones. It is unknown why the family did not hear the sound of the fire alarm.

HomePod: Turn on sound recognition

Want to check if the feature is turned on for your HomePod (mini)? Open the Home app and tap the three dots at the top right. Select ‘Home settings’ and tap ‘Safety & security’. Tap ‘Sound recognition’ and turn on the desired options.

The HomePod will then continuously listen for certain sounds and will alert you when sounds from the smoke and carbon monoxide detector are recognized.

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