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Honda Acty Street

Over the years, Japan has delighted us with many special compact cars, which are extremely practical despite their modest size. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff stays in its home country, but this Honda Acty Street ended up in the Netherlands almost two years ago.

On you can regularly read what is happening in Japan in the so-called kei segment. Not because it is so relevant for the Dutch market, but mainly to keep you informed of what is going on in ‘car cultures’ other than ours. The Japanese car market is quite ‘different’, so to speak. Because of tax benefits, it makes sense to pack as much car as possible into the smallest possible carriage and that results in special creations. What to think of this Honda Acty, spotted by Joppe in Lindert: a pocket-sized passenger bus.

We don’t just have an Acty here, but a real Acty Street, also known simply as Honda Street. It is the more luxurious passenger version of the second generation Honda Acty, which is basically available as a van. It offers space for four people, with the occupants each having their own seat in the front and back. With a little cramming, a third person should fit in the back, who will then sit somewhat artificially in between on the two seats that merge into each other. In any case, there is no shortage of leg and head room and at the very back there is a nice high and also quite deep loading space. All this at a length of less than 3.3 meters.

Honda Acty Street

As befits a kei car, it has a fairly modest engine: a 656 cc three-cylinder, related to the engine that was in the Honda Beat. In the Beat it was a bit brighter with its 64 hp, because in this Street it sticks to 45 hp. So you shouldn’t really be in a hurry. In that respect, this copy is wonderfully pretentiously decorated, with its thicker black wheels underneath. He’s a nice, cheeky looking little one. These slippers may only have been introduced here in the Netherlands when the Street was registered with a Dutch license plate in early 2022. Since then it has also been with its current owner. That must be an enthusiast.

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