Honda Civic hatchback already partly on display

The new Honda Civic has already been presented as a sedan, but of course there will also be a hatchback version. Honda will only show it at the end of this month, but it is already largely on display.

It seems that the host of a YouTube series about cars has been a little over-enthusiastic as he shared some photos of his preview of the Honda Civic hatchback. Before they were removed, they already showed up on a forum about the eleventh generation of the Civic. So we can already see the hatchback, although we have to look around the particularly posing man.

To be fair, the appearance of the Civic hatchback is not a big surprise. Just under a year ago you could already see patent sketches of the car here on It is clear that the hatchback also has a significantly quieter appearance than before, although it is slightly more striking than the already unveiled new Honda Civic sedan. These two photos are said to be a somewhat sportier variant, so that shows how modest Honda is keeping with the new Civic.

The space in the back can already be seen in the second photo. Precise figures are not yet known, but the Civic sedan grew 4 centimeters in length compared to its predecessor, so logically the hatchback is also a bit longer. That should of course benefit the legroom in the back and the fairly gradually sloping roofline also seems to leave enough headroom in the back.

On June 24, Honda will present the Civic hatchback itself. Then we may also hear more about any European plans, because of course it is this variant that we can expect here again.

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