Honda E from European delivery range

‘Poor sales figures are killing the retro EV’

Honda E

The Honda E will disappear from the European market after a short lifespan of three years. Relatively low sales figures reportedly killed the brand’s first EV. reports that the E will no longer be for sale in Europe due to low sales. In a response to the platform, Honda writes that the EV has ‘brought many new customers to the brand’. But the figures don’t lie: only 167 have been sold in the Netherlands since 2020. The relatively high purchase price in combination with the low range will not have helped with sales. In practice, the Honda E had a range of around 150 kilometers, while the starting price was €35,000.

A Honda spokesperson previously announced that there will be no successor to the E for the time being. Honda focuses on electric SUVs and crossovers. Currently, the e:Ny1 is Honda’s only EV in Europe. The Honda E is no longer available in the Netherlands.

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