Honda HR-V e:HEV designed for driving pleasure

Driving behavior and comfort has been improved

Honda HR-V 2022 - e:HEV

Honda HR-V e:HEV

If you want to know what improvements the new generation Honda HR-V offers, take a look under the hood. The standard ‘e:HEV’ hybrid powertrain and chassis and suspension improvements give the compact SUV dynamism and improve occupant comfort.

Again and again tuning each element to the rest, followed by retesting how the component affects the overall driving experience. That was the most important assignment for the Honda engineers during the redesign of the Honda HR-V. Now the work is done and the Japanese brand will soon introduce the new, third generation of the compact SUV crossover. Compared to previous generations, this is more dynamic in character, more responsive to driver input and more comfortable for the occupants.

Hybrid e:HEV powertrain

As standard, the HR-V now has the hybrid e:HEV powertrain that we already know from the Honda Jazz, although it has been specially revised for the HR-V. Together, the fuel and electric motor deliver a maximum of 96 kW / 131 hp power and 252 Nm of torque. You drive the HRV e:HEV with an eCVT automatic transmission, an electronic continuously variable transmission.

‘Designed for driving pleasure’

Honda has adapted more parts of the compact car platform for the HR-V. We mention the suspension, steering and brakes. ‘Designed for driving pleasure’, is how the brand summarizes the improvements. Because the brand new HR-V responds better to how you as a rider press the pedals and turn the steering wheel. The SUV – with a long wheelbase – has acquired a stable and predictable handling. It is also safer, partly thanks to the stiffer body.

The comfort of the occupants has also been improved. You notice this, for example, in the reduced vibrations and the more ergonomically positioned brake pedal. Unevenness in the road surface is absorbed better than with previous HR-V generations. The total weight of the car has decreased. You notice: time and again reviewing every element and testing has had a positive result on the whole.

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