Honda HR-V now also fully electric

Honda electric HR-V e:NS1

AutoWeek can show you the first pictures of the all-electric version of the Honda HR-V. In fact, it is the production version of the Honda SUV:e Concept presented at the beginning of this year.

In April this year, Honda showed the SUV:e Prototype in Shanghai, a preview of a fully electric version of the already well-known new HR-V. AutoWeek can already show you the production version of that electric HR-V. Then immediately the bad news: the electric Honda HR-V is not coming to Europe.

The electric SUV you see in these photos is a variant of the HR-V developed by the Dongfeng Honda partnership that will be released in China. Honda therefore indicated in April this year that it had not yet planned a new electric model for the European market. That this not HR-V but e:NS 1 called electric version of the crossover known here is not coming to Europe is quite a loss.

Honda SUV e: Prototype

Honda SUV e: Prototype


Although the complete technical specifications of this electric Honda are not yet known, AutoWeek can already find the first interesting figures in the database of the Chinese Ministry of Transport and Technology, where we have found these photos. The electric variant of the Honda HR-V will receive a 68.8 kWh battery pack. This package can soon be combined with two electric motors. There will be a variant with a 182 hp battery pack and one that is 204 hp strong. The top speed of both versions is 150 km/h.

From the outside, this electric Honda e:NS 1 strongly resembles the HR-V, although there are differences. For example, the bumper work around deviates from the hybrid HR-V that we know in the Netherlands. In addition, this electric SUV has a closed grille and a different buttocks. The light strip that connects the rear lights on the European HR-V and is interrupted by the Honda logo, is given free rein on the e-NS 1. Honda writes its brand name under that LED strip, as is completely hip in car land these days.

Is this Honda’s first electric HR-V to pass the European nose? Well no. Dongfeng Honda had this electric M-NV from the previous HR-V in its range, while the second Chinese partnership of Honda, GAC Honda, based on the same HR-V, had this Everus VE-1 on the menu.

This electric variant of the Honda HR-V is therefore not coming to Europe. An unwise move by Honda? Let us know in the comments!

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