Honda modernizes S2000

The Honda S2000 has not been available for more than ten years, but Honda can hardly say goodbye to its famous roadster. The ‘modernized’ S2000 presented at the Tokyo Motor Show is now better visible.

The S2000 with its high-revving 2.0 and its characteristic long snout has entered the history books as one of the nicest models that Honda has ever had. The roadster, which was introduced on the Dutch market in 1999, was hung on the willows in 2009, but in the heart of Honda and many car enthusiasts, the model never disappeared. Honda Acces, the Honda department that develops and markets accessories, announced at the end of last year that they had developed a set of new parts for the S2000. Today it becomes clear what the S2000 owner can treat himself to. The bad news: the parts are only available on the Japanese market and are available in a very limited edition.

The parts package, which is hung under a 25th Anniversary label, includes adaptive dampers (not for the pre-facelift S2000) and a new front bumper with a considerably wider air intake than the original one. At the back of the butt we notice a spoiler that used to be in Honda’s Modulo accessory and the piece of plastic stuck in front of the rear wheel arch also finds its way to the S2000. If you order these external extras, you must spray the parts yourself in the right color.


The interior can also be adjusted. For example, Honda Acces supplies a new cover for the radio, now not made of aluminum, but with the 20th Anniversary logo and there is also LED lighting in the footwell. The pictures also show a more modern infotainment system, an aftermarket unit where Honda gives no further explanation.

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