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Honda NSX

Few Japanese cars capture the imagination like the Honda NSX. An unprecedented sporting splurge from a brand that went from success to success. You don’t just find such an icon in public, but it happened to AutoWeek forum member Escher.

In the 1980s, Honda filled its greenhouse considerably thanks to international sales successes and achieved unprecedented success in Formula 1. It is therefore not surprising that Honda was bursting with confidence on the threshold of the 1990s. The Honda NSX, with which the Japanese ushered in the new decade , was the ultimate billboard of that. The NSX was not only extravagant in terms of design, it was also technically a true spectacle. With the help of F1 icon Ayrton Senna, Honda turned it into a particularly good handling car and kept the weight low thanks to extensive use of aluminum. The beating heart was a newly developed and also relatively light 3.0 V6, which attracted a lot of attention, partly thanks to the then sensational VTEC baptized variable valve timing. Special detail: the V6 was tilted slightly in the NSX to fit it, because initially a slightly smaller engine without VTEC was planned for the NSX.

Honda got their hands dirty with the NSX and managed to sell it to quite a few people. The design also proved to be quite resistant to the test of time, although the NSX was given a facelift in 2002 (so only at the age of twelve!) for the last round. Three years later, after an impressive career, it was really over and out. The Honda NSX spotted by Escher is from a fairly early batch, because it already rolled out of the factory in Tochigi in 1992. In the same year, the heavier NSX-R appeared, but this is ‘just’ a regular NSX. One that got a new set of wheels somewhere in its existence. With that, the Original-Polizei not be happy.

Honda NSX

Honda NSX.

Well, we forgive the owner in any case with all the love, because he has nicely ensured that this NSX became part of the Dutch street scene in 2009. In that year he got his yellow plates and the two have been inseparable ever since. Understandable, because driving such an NSX is quite an experience. At the same time, the current asking prices of NSXs may occasionally be looked at with a slanted eye, because they will only go up further. Selling can become a lucrative business; a good NSX can already yield more than a ton. But yes, say goodbye to this…

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