Honda WR-V: just as big but cheaper than HR-V

One WR-V is not the same as the other

Honda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-VHonda WR-V

Honda WR-V

Meet Honda’s latest compact crossover: the WR-V. The WR-V is a striking story. After all, there is already a very young WR-V.

The HR-V is the smallest crossover or SUV-like Honda that you can buy in the Netherlands, although that model is of course not really small with a length of 4.35 meters. Elsewhere in the world, Honda also offers a significantly shorter model: the WR-V. The current Honda WR-V has only been around since the end of last year and is sold in various countries in Southeast Asia, among others. What now appears? Honda thinks it’s time for another Honda WR-V, but for the home market.

Honda WR-V

The Honda WR-V for South-East Asia

For the Japanese market, Honda has now presented a WR-V that has virtually nothing to do with the other model of the same name. The Japanese WR-V has a completely different body and doesn’t share even a piece of sheet metal with its namesake. Yet the WR-V that plays the leading role in this article is also based on an existing Honda. In fact, it is actually a complete car. The Honda WR-V for the Japanese home market is already on the road in India as much as Elevate. The Elevate succeeded the previous generation WR-V. As if things weren’t confusing enough.

Honda WR-V

The previous generation WR-V.

With a length of 4.33 meters, it is negligibly shorter than the aforementioned HR-V, which is called ‘Vezel’ in Japan. It appears that Honda is marketing the WR-V – its name stands for ‘Winsome Runabout Vehicle’ – as a cheaper Vezel alternative. He has a fairly high, robust-looking snout and a no nonsense interior that is relatively simple in design.

For the time being, you should not expect the Honda WR-V in Europe. Interesting fact: there will also be an electric variant of the WR-V! Would that be something for the Dutch market?

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