Hondas in Europe after 2022 always (partly) electric

Honda has further tightened its electrification plans for Europe. From the end of 2022, it will only sell cars with (partly) electric drive.

The fuel engine is increasingly linked to future bans and more and more brands are dropping conventional powertrains. Honda agrees. In conversation with the British Autocar CEO Ian Howells explains that in 2022 there will be a line through the powertrains without electrical assistance. By the end of 2022, all of Honda’s range in our part of the world must be fully or partially electrically powered.

With that, Honda is further sharpening its previous goals. A year ago, the Japanese brand stated that a (partly) electrically powered version of each model should be available by 2022. Now that is even the only choice. Note: a mild hybrid also meets this requirement. Either way, it is a big step. Howells also explains that, not unexpectedly, in the long run things will be further tightened and hybrid powertrains will also have to leave the field. After all, by 2035, every new car in the UK must be fully electrically powered.

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