Honda’s new compact hatchback

Honda has presented a new compact five-door hatchback. The newcomer is called City Hatchback and is the hatchback version of the new City Sedan presented around this time last year. The compact Honda is not coming to the Netherlands.

The Civic too big, but you still want a new Honda? Then you have to rely on the Jazz in the Netherlands, a practical space wonder that is somewhere in between a hatchback and an MPV. Far beyond the Netherlands, Honda has the City Sedan on the menu, a 4.55 meter long sedan that is now joined by a hatchback brother: the Honda City Hatchback.

The City Hatchback has to do without a protruding butt, of course, and that makes the new compact Honda a lot shorter than its sedan brother. The Honda City Hatchback is 4.35 meters long, which makes it comparable in size to cars like the Fiat Tipo Hatchback. At 2.59 meters, the wheelbase is the same as that of the sedan version of the City. The front of the City Hatchback is logically practically identical to that of its sedan brother. Things changed at the B-pillar. The roofline continues to the rear and the rear slopes straight down. The rear shows few design elements with the City Sedan. For example, the rear lights with their gruff appearance are almost A-class-like. Honda promises that the legroom in the rear of the City Hatchback is better than that of the City Sedan. It should come as no surprise that the interior of the Honda City Hatchback is also the same as the workplace in the four-door City. Again, a serious looking dashboard with vertically oriented air vents. There is only one machine on the engine list: a 122 hp and 175 Nm strong 1.0 three-cylinder that is linked to a CVT automatic transmission.

Honda CityHatchback

Bad news for those already with their wallet at the ready: the Honda City Hatchback, like the City Sedan, is not coming to Europe. The appearance of the City Hatchback is little new to the loyal Techzle reader. Earlier we were able to show you a set of patent plates of the new five-door. It is not the first time that Honda has launched a hatchback with the City name. The cheerful three-door hatchback that Honda brought to the Dutch market in 1983 and already went through life here as Jazz, was already called City elsewhere in the world.

Honda Jazz

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