How does TB 500 work?

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Injuries can easily occur when training with weights. TB 500 helps injuries to muscles, tendons or ligaments heal faster. © MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY, GettyImages

Thymosin Beta-4 or TB 500 is a peptide that is considered a miracle cure among athletes. It stops inflammation, accelerates healing processes and allows muscle and tendon injuries to heal quickly. In addition, it improves the structure of connective tissue and promotes muscle growth. At least these are the healing and effective promises made by the providers. Is TB 500 really such an effective means of accelerating regeneration or are all the promises baseless? What is TB 500 and how exactly does it work? What experiences have athletes had with it? Are there also side effects?

What exactly is Thymosin Beta-4 or TB 500?

TB 500 consists of amino acids that are linked together. It is a synthetic one peptide of thymosin beta-4. This peptide is composed of 43 amino acids and is found in the cellular structure of all types of human tissue, except in red blood cells. In the mid-1960s, researchers thought it was the hormone of the thymus gland, but soon discovered that it is present in almost all cells in the body.

What forms does TB 500 come in?

TB 500 is available in various dosage forms. The newest form is skin patches, like this TB 500 patches from BPS Pharma. The application is very simple. The transdermal patches are simply stuck to clean skin, for example on the arm, breast or thigh. It stays there for a minimum of eight and a maximum of 24 hours. The application is simple and very comfortable.

The original dosage form is injections. TB 500 is available as a freeze-dried powder in 2 mg ampoules. Users must mix the injection solution themselves with 1 ml of sterile water. The ampoule should always be used completely. The injection can be done in different ways: under the skin, into the muscle or directly into the vein. An insulin needle is completely sufficient for the injection under the skin. With larger needles, the risk of an accident is higher. This can lead to nerve injuries or punctured blood vessels.

What does TB 500 do in the body?

When injuries heal, thymosin beta-4 is involved in this process. The protein has a regenerating effect on tissue, has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates cell movements in the body. It modulates the body's response to external factors and to wounds through the immune system, which is why it is also called the Biological Response Modifier BRM.

TB 500 increases actin levels in the body. Actin is an important component in all body cells and is involved in many processes in the cells, such as cell division or cell motility. It determines what the structure of new cells is, determines form and function. It also plays an important role in the muscle fibers, especially in muscle tension and relaxation. Actin is mainly found in the skin and blood. This explains why TB 500 has a healing effect in the body.

TB 500 also promotes that Angiogenesis. Researchers assume that it is crucial for the formation of new blood cells. Angiogenesis is used in the treatment of cancer and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

What areas of application does TB 500 have?

Athletes use TB 500 for the following purposes:

  • acute injuries to accelerate healing, for example in the case of superficial skin injuries, strains and tears
  • Inflammation
  • Scar treatment after a serious injury to prevent adhesions and fibrosis from occurring
  • Prophylaxis to keep ligaments, connective tissue and tendons elastic
  • Better regeneration after hard training or a competition
  • accelerated muscle building.

What side effects can TB 500 have?

TB 500 has hardly any side effects. The experiences with TB 500, the athletes according to the Portal What we have done so far has occasionally led to headaches or mild flu symptoms. In animal experiments, overweight animals in particular have developed liver damage.

What should you consider when buying TB 500?

TB 500 is the synthetic form of Thymus Beta-4, which works more effectively than the natural substance. If you want to buy TB 500, you have to be careful of counterfeits. Some products contain natural Thymus Beta-4, which is less effective.

Buyers must also be aware that TB 500 has not yet received FDA approval. It is not approved as a drug for humans. WADA punishes its use in competitions as doping. Anyone who wants to take part in sporting competitions must think carefully about their commitment.

Is the TB 500 peptide really a miracle cure?

Calling TB 500 a miracle cure is a bit of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, it has a remarkable effect in several respects. In general, it appears that peptides have enormous potential when it comes to promoting healing or anti-aging. But the research is still in its early stages. It is already clear that thymosin will play an important role in the treatment of inflammation. Perhaps it will be an effective replacement for the glucocorticoids currently used, which have many side effects.

When it comes to sports and especially bodybuilding, TB 500 has a double edge. On the one hand, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries occur almost every day in bodybuilding. TB 500 can greatly accelerate healing. However, it has not yet been properly researched and the legal situation is still uncertain. And the injuries also heal on their own, albeit more slowly.

The extent to which TB 500 is really responsible for accelerated healing of injuries is also not yet clear. Nobody can yet say how much faster an injury will heal with TB 500 compared to healing without peptide.

September 29, 2023

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