How fast does the lime tree grow?

I have a healthy beautiful freestanding linden tree,

25 years ago I put a tiny tree (pink dink, 1.5 m high) in the ground.

It now has a trunk circumference of 123 cm and a height of about 7 m.

What is the growth rate of this tree?

How much trunk circumference and height is added per year?

Asker: Frederick, 53 years old


Linden trees can grow very large. Linden trees can also grow very old and keep getting bigger. A linden tree can grow 20 to 30 meters tall. However, the question of how fast it can grow cannot be answered. There are so many factors that influence growth (soil type, nutritional status, availability of water and the like). But as long as your tree remains healthy, it will always get bigger and can take on really large dimensions.

Answered by

ir Rudi Aerts

life sciences horticulture plant protection

Thomas More


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