How good is the battery of your Apple Watch? This way you can see the charging cycles

Are you no longer able to make it to the end of the day with the battery of your Apple Watch? Then it is wise to view the charging cycles of the smartwatch. That is how it works!

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Do you charge your Apple Watch every night? According to Apple, the intention is that the Apple Watch can be charged for years without massive deterioration of the battery. If you have to charge the smartwatch more and more often, the battery of your Apple Watch may need to be replaced. It is therefore advisable to look at the charging cycles of your watch so that you have a better idea of ​​the condition of the battery.

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It is already possible to see what the battery condition is on your Apple Watch. Under ‘Settings > Battery > Battery health’ you can check the maximum capacity of your Apple Watch’s battery. The lower this percentage, the worse the condition of the battery. Viewing the smartwatch’s charging cycles will give you a better idea of ​​the battery’s health. That’s how you look at it.

How good is the battery of your Apple Watch?  This way you can see the charging cycles

View smartwatch charging cycles

According to Apple, the Apple Watch battery retains approximately 80 percent of its original capacity after a thousand full charge cycles. Unfortunately, you will have to look for information about the battery of your Apple Watch, because this is not included in the default settings of your iPhone. Viewing the charging cycles is done as follows:

  1. Connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone;

  2. Charge your Apple Watch (and don’t turn off your iPhone);

  3. After charging, go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;

  4. Tap ‘Privacy & security’;

  5. Scroll down and choose ‘Analysis and improvement’;

  6. Go to ‘Analysis data’;

  7. In the list, look for a file named ‘’;

  8. Open the file with a recent date (you will see the date instead of YYYY-MM-TT in the file name);

  9. Then search for analytics data containing ‘watchOS xxx’;

  10. Finally, forward this file to yourself via email and then search the text for ‘last_value_CycleCount’.

The number after ‘last_value_CycleCount’ is how many times you have charged your Apple Watch in total. These are the charging cycles of your Apple Watch, which show you whether the battery is still working properly. Is the battery condition of your Apple Watch below 80 percent, but you have not charged it a thousand times yet? Then the battery has deteriorated too quickly.

apple watch charging cycles

This way you get a new battery for free

This information is especially useful if you suspect that the battery of your Apple Watch is no longer working properly. If the battery condition has dropped below 80 percent within a year, Apple will even replace the battery free of charge. Do you have Apple Care Plus? Then this period is twice as long. That can save a lot of money, because you will spend around 100 euros for a new battery in the Apple Watch.

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If the battery of your Apple Watch has deteriorated too quickly, you can send the smartwatch to Apple. In that case, it is useful to also send the data of the charging cycles, so that your claim is at least based on figures. Does your Apple Watch now need to be replaced due to a (too) bad battery? Or are you still looking for a new Apple Watch? View the best prices in our price comparator:

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