How to create a questionnaire in Word

Microsoft Forms has been specially developed to create surveys, polls and tests. But if you don’t like this online tool, you can also use Word to draw up a simple questionnaire, partly thanks to some handy templates. This is how you create a questionnaire in Word.

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We show you how to look up a template, so that you immediately have a standard questionnaire. You then only have to fill in the questions and answers yourself. It is also possible in Word to completely set up the questionnaire yourself, so we will also briefly discuss that.

With templates

There are not many templates to choose from when preparing a questionnaire. This is mainly because Microsoft recommends the Forms app to create surveys and polls. However, if you look closely, you can find one or two handy Word templates for your questionnaire.

In Word, go to Fileat the top left of the screen, and click New. You can search for online templates in the search bar. For example, search for Restaurant and you find the Restaurant survey (2 per page). click on To make to download the template.

This template is especially useful if you have your own restaurant and want to map out what customers think of your business, but in principle you can of course adjust the text to your own situation. In the feedback form, respondents can leave comments, rate services and tick boxes.

If you want to try a different template, you can also search for Survey on priorities.

The default Restaurant Survey template can be a good basis for your questionnaire.

You will find many more templates on the internet, for example via the websites Hloom or Examples. The disadvantage is that the templates on these sites are often in English, so you probably still have to translate the entire text yourself.

make it yourself

If you still want to make your own questionnaire, you can do that too. List some questions in an empty document and go to the tab in Word Developers to indicate how you want someone to answer the questions. For example, choose in the column Controls in front of Dropdown list content control to let someone choose from predefined answers via a drop-down menu.

Click the content control you just created and click in the ribbon Properties. click on To add… to add an answer to the drop-down menu. Do this a few times for each item that should appear in the drop-down menu.

Simply create a selection menu.

If you don’t want a drop-down menu, for example because you are going to print the questionnaire created in Word, then you probably just want to put the answers together. Then you can add checkboxes, which you can also find via Controls in the ribbon. Respondents can then tick the appropriate box to give their answer.

A checkbox can also be useful for your questionnaire.

Also don’t forget to use a table, which can serve as a rating scale. For example, put the most positive option on the left of the table and work towards the most negative option on the far right. In this way respondents can indicate how they view certain matters.

A rating table is made in no time!

And with that you probably have a good basis for creating a questionnaire in Word.


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