How to Get YouTube TV at a Discount with Cable Bundles

How to Get YouTube TV at a Discount with Cable Bundles

Technology is altering the way we consume information and entertainment. Nowadays, people are abandoning cable TV subscriptions that cost up to $100 per month in favor of streaming video services. Convenience, scalability, and personalized recommendations are cited as reasons behind this shift.

While the American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service Netflix has been popular for a long time, YouTube TV has gained immense popularity in recent times. The credit goes to its user-friendly interface and diverse channel lineup. However, Google charges a steep subscription fee for YouTube TV.

How do you maximize savings while purchasing it? One way to do so is to bundle YouTube TV with cable services. In this blog post, we’ll share a few tips to help you get YouTube TV at a discount with cable bundles.

#1 Research Cable Providers

While YouTube TV doesn’t offer an annual plan, its one-year base plan amounts to $875.88. That’s quite steep. However, you can save around $10 monthly on YouTube TV if you purchase cable bundles from a reputable cable provider.

The growing demand for streaming services has been recognized by cable providers, which is why they have expanded their offerings to include popular TV platforms such as YouTube TV.

However, only a few cable providers are offering YouTube TV with cable bundles at discounts. Make sure to research if cable providers in your area offer YouTube TV. If yes, ask them for their package prices. You can compare packages of different providers to see which one’s offering more at the lowest cost.

A recent feature by The Verge reveals that WOW!, a broadband operator in the U.S., is betting big on YouTube TV. The company has discontinued marketing and selling its TV services. Instead, it’s focusing on selling YouTube TV across its footprint.

It makes sense because streaming services are slowly ascending, and they edged out cable for the majority of viewership in 2022. YouTube TV lets subscribers watch live programming for more than 100 channels, including TNT, HGTV, ESPN, NBC, and many more, says WOW!

#2 Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Cable providers run special deals and promotional offers from time to time. Such deals and offers often provide either more value for money or offer the same package at lower rates. Of course, they do so to attract new customers.

Keep an eye out for promotional offers so that you can bag YouTube TV with cable bundles at discounted rates. Many cable providers offer YouTube TV complimentary with their internet packages. Usually, such offers are for a limited time period. That is why if you come across such an offer, bag it right away.

A few cable providers roll out special offers during certain seasons or holidays, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take advantage of the offers, as you can score hefty discounts on YouTube TV with bundled services.

#3 Consider Triple-Play Bundles

Several cable providers offer triple-play bundles to customers, which include TV, phone, and internet services. Instead of opting solely for YouTube TV or any other package, we advise you to pick triple-play bundles.

Even though the bundle’s price might be higher than individual services, you’ll get more value by opting for triple-play bundles. In the long run, triple-play bundles are cost-effective, so why not shell out a few bucks more and go for them?

However, evaluate your needs and budget before you opt for triple-play bundles. Doing so will help you determine whether triple-play bundles make sense.

#4 Negotiate With Your Current Provider

Those of you who have already subscribed to a cable provider can get YouTube TV with cable bundles at discounted rates by negotiating with your provider. We say so because haggling with your provider is easier than switching one.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to become aggressive while negotiating with their cable providers. You mustn’t do so. Be polite because it can help you more than you think. Be reasonable when haggling with your cable provider. Make an effort to strike a fair deal. Also, be prepared for a disagreement.

If haggling doesn’t work, research competing providers in the area that offer YouTube with cable bundles at a price comparable to your provider.

#5 Check for Student or Military Discounts

A handful of cable providers offer special discounts to students and military personnel. If you fall into either of the two categories, make use of the opportunity to get YouTube TV with cable bundles at a discounted rate.

When bundling YouTube TV with other services, inquire about student or military discounts with your cable provider. If they offer such discounts, provide them with the necessary documents to prove your eligibility. These discounts make entertainment affordable for those on a tight budget.

To sum it up, saving money on streaming services is a smart financial move. Whether you’re someone looking to update their existing plan or a new subscriber, these tips will help you unlock discounts and save maximum on your purchase of YouTube TV with cable bundles. Whichever cable provider you choose to bundle YouTube TV with other services, make sure to read the reviews before sealing the deal. Reviews, though small snippets, give a glimpse into their services. If most reviews are positive, go ahead and make the purchase.

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