How to use double-tap on old Apple Watches?

Double-tap with Apple Watch © © Apple

Double Tap / Double tap © Apple

Would you like to interact with your watch without touching the screen? Clenching your fist or pinching your fingers, like Double-tapping, to perform various actions that you have previously defined, is possible.

The universal Double-tap gesture, called Toucher twice in French, is a feature highlighted with the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 and watchOS 10.1. With this single gesture, pinching with your thumb and index finger, many possibilities are available to you depending on what is displayed on the screen.

Although Double Touch has been improved to become a universal gesture, it is not a new gesture since it arrived with Assistive Touch. This feature is part of the Accessibility features intended for people who have difficulty motoring or interacting with the screen.

Before showing you how to activate and use the Double-Tap gesture on older Apple Watches using Assistive Touch, we’ll quickly talk about compatible watches.

Apple Watch supports Assistive Touch Double-Tap

The all-new Double Touch gesture is reserved for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. The original Double Touch gesture, the one that arrived with AssistiveTouch covers many more Apple Watch models. Indeed, it is necessary at least:

  • an Apple Watch Series 4;
  • a 1st generation Apple Watch SE;
  • watchOS 4.

Use Double-Tap on Older Apple Watches

Attention ! If you have an Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2, enabling AssistiveTouch will disable the universal Double Touch gesture.

1. Open the watch settings

Launch the “Watch” app on your iPhone or “Settings” directly on your Apple Watch.

Watch app icon on iPhone

The Watch app icon on iPhone © Clubic

2. Access Accessibility options

Stay in the “Watch” menu at the bottom of the screen, then select “Accessibility.”

AssistiveTouch in Watch app

AssistiveTouch in the Watch app © Clubic

3. Enable AssistiveTouch

Tap “AssistiveTouch” to access all its options.

Activation of AssistiveTouch option

Activation of the AssistiveTouch option © Clubic

Activate “AssistiveTouch” with the very first switch.

AssistiveTouch activation

Activate AssistiveTouch © Clubic

Confirm with “OK”.

Confirm AssistiveTouch validation

Confirm the validation of AssistiveTouch © Clubic

4. Configure AssistiveTouch

Select “Hand Gestures”.

Doubletap hand gesture access

Access hand gestures including Double Touch © Clubic

Tap “Double-tap,” formerly “Double-pinch.”

Unlock actions possible with double tap

Unlock actions possible with Double Touch © Clubic

Choose the desired action. Think about what you want to do when you pinch twice with your index finger and thumb.

Possible actions with AssistiveTouch hand gestures © © Clubic

Overview of actions possible with Double Touch from AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch © Clubic

When your choice is made, press “Return”, at the top left and start again, if you wish for “Touch”, “Make a fist” and “Make a fist 2 times”.

Return to Hand Gestures © © Clubic

Return from configuring Double-tap to continue with other hand gestures © Clubic

Once your gestures are set up, tap “Activate Gesture”.

AssistiveTouch activation gesture

AssistiveTouch activation gesture © Clubic

Choose how to activate AssistiveTouch after the screen is turned on. By choosing “None”, AssistiveTouch will be immediately operational.

Hand gesture to activate AssistiveTouch on your Apple Watch © © Clubic

Choose the hand gesture to activate AssistiveTouch on your Apple Watch © Clubic

Thanks to Assistive Touch, even owners of older Apple Watches can take advantage of Double Tap functionality. To find out more about the innovations and improvements of the latest Apple Watch Series 9 with the all-new Double Tap, do not hesitate to consult our detailed test.

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