I always put my iPhone upside down in my pocket (here’s why)

I almost always have my iPhone with me and when I take it with me I always put it upside down in my pocket. There’s a good reason for that.

I always put my iPhone upside down in my pocket

You may not think about it that much, but I have been (automatically) putting my iPhone upside down in my pocket for years now. And there is a good reason for that too. This way you can more easily connect a power bank, for example (and still keep the iPhone in your pocket).

apple card holder

But an important reason for me is my card holder. By putting the iPhone upside down in my pocket, the card holder is a lot easier to slide off (and click back on).

I have AirPods myself, but if you still use the wired Earpods, putting your iPhone upside down in your pocket is a must. This way you can leave the cable in while you listen to music.

Earpods iPhone

You can of course also put the iPhone upside down in your pocket in two ways: with the screen inwards or outwards. I also do that in a specific way.

I always make sure that the back of the iPhone points outward, so that the screen rests against my leg. The main reason is that the screen of an old iPhone broke once, because I ran into a post with my leg.

It is of course also more natural to put your iPhone upside down in your pocket. You can then take it out again in one movement, without having to twist your hand or the iPhone in a strange way.

The only disadvantage, of course, is that the charging port can collect a little more dust. Anyway, cleaning was done in no time. And if you check that once a year, that’s fine.

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