iMac 2024 gets a curved screen – but different than you think

Apple is working on a new iMac, with a completely new design. The iMac will have a curved screen, but slightly different than you think. This is what it looks like!

Apple files patent for curved screen

Apple has filed a new patent showing the updated design for the iMac. The iMac gets a completely new design, with a curved display. The new screen is curved at the bottom, connecting the keyboard and the iMac. This curved design is striking because most curved displays which we see a lot at the moment bend in width.

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The iMac’s curved screen may have a digital keyboard. Another option is a built-in glass keyboard, for which Apple has previously applied for a patent. You no longer have a separate keyboard with the new iMac, although it does appear that the MacBook’s keyboard is still supported by the iMac. But this is not the only function of the curved glass bottom.

iMac will soon be foldable

The patent also shows that the curved screen can be adjusted. This means that the new screen is foldable and adjustable. This way you can bend the screen of the iMac so that the computer is at the correct height. Are you going on a trip? It is also possible to close the glass bottom, so that the iMac is easier to store without the curved screen.

A striking feature of the design is the gap between the screen and the curved bottom of the iMac. This hole is probably intended to create more strength in the design. It is quite possible that the computer connection points are also placed there, such as the HDMI port and the USB-C connections. As a result, the iMac will probably soon look very different from what we are used to.

imac curved display

Patent already approved in 2022

It has been clear for some time that Apple is working on a device with a curved screen, but this is the first time that a patent for the iMac has appeared. Apple already filed this patent in 2019, but the application was only approved in Europe last year. This means that Apple has been working on the new design of the iMac for a long time.

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Apple releases the new generations of the iMac irregularly, making it difficult to say when the version with the curved screen will appear. The ninth generation of the iMac was released in 2021, so we will probably have to wait another year for the next version. Perhaps we will see a new version of the iMac in 2024, with a curved and foldable display.

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