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Lancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to BasicsLancia Ypsilon Back to Basics

Lancia Ypsilon Back to Basics

Lancia is back! At €29,400, the starting price of the new Ypsilon is a lot higher than that of a technically largely identical Opel Corsa, but that should not spoil the premium fun. What do you get for less than 30 grand?

Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 Turbo Hybrid 100 hp e-DCT-6 – €29,700

Yes, the new Ypsilon is actually ‘just’ a heavily renovated Opel Corsa, which in turn borrows a lot from the Peugeot 208. That is simply the strategy of parent company Stellantis, which also gives the Ypsilon a recognizable appearance and a unique interior. provides. Like almost every new Stellantis product, the focus at the introduction is on the electric version, but there is also a petrol variant. Unlike the Corsa and 208, the new mild-hybrid powertrain with 100 hp and six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is standard. That partly explains the much higher starting price, but not completely. After all, a Corsa with this drivetrain costs ‘only’ €26,349, but Lancia is simply higher in the market and must be a much more emotional gadget than the Corsa.

Appealing to your emotions naturally starts with the appearance of the Ypsilon. The hybrid is distinguished from the EV by the three openwork ‘holes’ in the front bumper, which gives it an extra striking appearance. LED headlights appear to be standard, although this is not specifically mentioned on the price list. You can recognize the basic Ypsilon by its all-round transparent windows (the rest has privacy glass) and dark, 16-inch wheels. From the second equipment level LX, the Ypsilon is one size larger. If you look closely, you will see another difference: the window frame is not high-gloss black only on the nameless basic model.

Lancia Ypsilon Back to Basics

Anyone who doesn’t spend a cent on options will at least get a car in striking colors from Lancia. The exterior is finished in golden yellow ‘Ora’ as standard. Although the seats are covered with black fabric on the inside, we also see many greenish and copper-colored accents. The striking red, green or blue upholstery that you may have seen in the press photos is reserved for more expensive versions, but that does not make it any less special.

Coffee table

The interior itself is the same, regardless of the color. The round ‘coffee table’ – that’s what it’s really called in the price list! – is of course standard, just like the round accents in the doors. The petrol model has a simpler-looking steering wheel as standard than the EV, although the nicer sports steering wheel is available at an additional cost. Two 10.25-inch screens, one of which is touchscreen, are standard. Navigation is not included, but that is quickly forgotten thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Automatic climate control is also always available, and that is a good thing without a physical control cluster. Cruise control is of course also included, which means that such a basic Lancia is certainly not a spartan device.

If we take a good look around the Ypsilon digitally, something negative stands out. Floor mats, for example, are an accessory for which Lancia charges €50. A height-adjustable passenger seat is also not included as standard, nor are USB connections in the rear. Directly above our heads we find two more noticeable shortcomings: on the basic Ypsilon, the reading lamps are equipped with light bulbs instead of LEDs, and the handle on the ceiling is only on the right. Other versions have it on the left and right, but that opulence apparently could not be lost in the entry-level model.

Finally, if we look at the specification list, it is clear that the unnamed basic Ypsilon is a lot less well equipped than the exactly €3,000 more expensive LX. It does have the height-adjustable passenger seat, handle and USBs and also electrically folding exterior mirrors, a wireless phone charger, a virtual assistant, a rain sensor, an automatically dimming interior mirror and a reversing camera. Together with some optical attributes for the interior and exterior, the additional price is justified, because such an LX suddenly looks a lot more complete than the basic Y.

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