Inflammation of the palate: causes and home remedies that help

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Inflammation of the palate can be very painful and restrict you from eating, drinking and speaking. Find out what causes inflammation of the palate and what you can do about it yourself here.

Your palate hurts, is red, swollen and feels hot? That sounds like an inflammation of the palate. Such an inflammation in the mouth can make everyday life more difficult – you should treat it as soon as possible. You can often do this with simple home remedies.

Inflammation of the palate: possible causes

If you are struggling with inflammation of the palate, this can be due to various causes:

  • The palate is the ceiling of the oral mucosa. And the oral mucosa can become injured, for example ignitebecause bacteria settle in the wounds. Even if you eaten too hot or drunk and you got that Burning palate, it can cause inflammation. A dry oral mucosa is particularly susceptible to inflammation.
  • As the Pharmaceutical newspaper bacteria, viruses and fungi can ignite the oral mucosa.
  • A big factor, according to the pharmacy magazine Dentures. If they are poorly adapted or are not cleaned thoroughly, they can injure the palate or promote the settlement of bacteria.

Important: If you have pain in the mouth, you should make sure that it really is an inflammation of the palate. You may be suffering from one instead Tonsillitis. This goes with Sore throat and fever.

Treat palate inflammation with home remedies

If braces are not properly seated, they can cause injuries to the palate.
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If braces are not properly seated, they can cause injuries to the palate.

You can relieve inflammation of the palate with various home remedies. You probably already have some of them at home. Liquids that you can use to rinse and gargle your mouth are best:

  • Sage tea, Camomile tea or Fennel tea have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Alternatively, you can use three to four drops Tea tree oil Dilute with a glass of water and gargle with it. Rinse your mouth afterwards.
  • Cold can do that pain alleviate. Just suck one Ice cubes – this numbs the inflamed area.
  • Also Dairy products can help. Just keep a little chilled yogurt or milk in your mouth for a few minutes. It is best not to use fresh milk, otherwise mucus will form in your mouth.

Important: If you feel that the inflammation is not getting better or is getting worse, you should definitely go to the doctor. Even if you have an additional fever, you feel tired and tired, or you are plagued by body aches, a visit to the doctor is recommended. If you have a bacterial infection, it must be treated with antibiotics.


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