iOS 16.1 has an annoying problem: is it bothering you too?

With iOS 16.1, the iPhone got several new features, such as ‘Live Activities’. But the software also introduced something to be less happy about: a common Wi-Fi problem.

iOS 16.1: Wi-Fi issue

On Twitter and the Apple Support forums, iPhone users are complaining about a problem with Wi-Fi. Since iOS 16.1, Wi-Fi would be disconnected at random times. In many cases this happens every few seconds. Many iPhone users seem to be dealing with this.

“I upgraded to iOS 16.1. My Wi-Fi sign keeps disappearing and reappearing on its own,” an iPhone user responds to Twitter. ‘On my iPhone XS Max, my WiFi disconnects every 5 seconds’, writes someone. “After updating my iPhone 14 Pro Max to iOS 16.1, the wifi keeps disconnecting every 5 seconds, it’s driving me crazy, please watch it,” grumbles another.

Some users have reset all network settings on their iPhones, but the reset doesn’t seem to be effective. There seems to be no other solution yet. We have to wait for a small interim update of iOS 16.1 in which Apple fixes this problem.

Are you also experiencing the Wi-Fi issue in iOS 16.1? Let us know below in the comments.

iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 was released last week and was, as mentioned, a major interim update. An interesting example is the Live Activities function, where you can see the progress of ongoing activities on the lock screen. In an article you can read about the iPhone apps that support live activities.

In addition, Apple introduced more innovations. You can read what those are in an article about the iOS 16.1 functions. Apple is now working hard on iOS 16.2, which again introduces several innovations. Curious about what those are? You can read about it in an article about the iOS 16.2 beta.

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