iOS 16: never forget emails again with ‘Reminder’ in the Mail app

The Mail app has received a new feature with iOS 16: ‘Reminder’. We explain how to use this function and never forget an email again.

New features for the Mail app in iOS 16

The Mail app gets some nice improvements with iOS 16. In addition to being able to set it up to retrieve a sent mail, an even more useful function has been launched. You have the option in the Mail app in iOS 16 to set a future reminder for an email. But what does that mean, and why should you use it?

iOS 16 Mail App Reminder

E-mail? Which email?

You know it; you are at a party and receive an important email. You quickly open your iPhone, read it and then forget to set the email to unread again. The sender of the e-mail waits for weeks for your answer, while you have long forgotten the e-mail.

With the Mail app from iOS 16 on your iPhone, that is a thing of the past via ‘Reminder’. You can use this to set your iPhone to send you a reminder of an e-mail, so that you can no longer forget it. In the steps below we explain how to use the function.

iOS 16 Mail App Reminder

How to use Reminder

  1. Open the Mail app and go to your inbox

  2. Find an email you want to receive a reminder for

  3. Swipe slowly from left to right on the email in your inbox

  4. Tap ‘Reminder’

  5. Choose when you want a reminder of the email

    Tip: you can also click on ‘Repeat later’ to set your own duration

Followed steps? When the time comes, you will get a notification from the Mail app about the email. You will then see this automatically appear at the top of your inbox.

Other features in the Mail app in iOS 16

Also new in iOS 16 is that you can schedule an email for later. For example, it is possible to make your colleagues think that you are still working even in the middle of the night, while you have been in your nest for a long time.

In addition, the Mail app’s search bar has been improved. Now if you make a typo, or just type the wrong word, the Mail app’s search bar will still give you the correct results. This makes it a lot easier to find that one e-mail in your overflowing mailbox.

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