iOS 17 problems: common bugs and solutions

The new iOS 17 update brings a plethora of new features to the iPhone. But what a major update is often good for are bugs and errors. In these articles we discuss the common iOS 17 problems – and the solutions.

iOS 17 issues

In general, the more changes there are in the software, the more bugs the update introduces. Unfortunately, this is no different with iOS 17. Users complain about strange notifications, an update that hangs, a clock that is wrong and more.

iOS 17 update fails

For some people, the iOS 17 update hangs after applying. You can solve this by deleting the update file:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap ‘General’;
  2. Tap ‘iPhone Storage’;
  3. Tap iOS 17.0 in the list and choose Uninstall Update.

Restart iPhone and try installing iOS 17 again. Check that WiFi is working and that the battery is at least 50 percent full, otherwise the software cannot be installed.

I don’t see the iOS 17 update

Have you already gone to ‘Settings>General>Software update’, and you do not see the update appearing there?

First check whether your iPhone has iOS 17 support. The update is available for the iPhone XS and newer. You can see which device you have under ‘Settings>General>Info’. Have you previously installed the test version (beta) of iOS 17? Then you may have to delete the profile first before you can install the iPhone update. You do this under ‘Settings>VPN and device management’.

If this is not the solution yet, perform a forced restart. You can read how this works in the article Resetting iPhone. Then try updating again.

My battery runs out faster

Do you feel like your iPhone battery is draining faster since iOS 17? You are not alone. Fortunately, this problem is only temporary: during major updates, your device runs all kinds of processes in the background, causing the battery life to be a few days shorter than you are used to.

iPhone 15 battery

The battery life usually returns to its previous level after a few days. Would you like to do something to last longer with your iPhone? Then check out these iPhone battery tips.

I’m missing features!

Version 17.0 of iOS 17 does not immediately include all new features. As in previous years, some features will be added via an update later this fall. So there are a few more options coming that Apple has already revealed:

  • The updated Diary application
  • AirDrop over the internet for when you’re out of range of another iPhone
  • The option to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music
  • AirPlay support for hotel TVs

We expect these options in iOS 17.1. This version will be released in mid-October.

Wrong time in Standby


Perhaps the most notable addition to iOS 17 is Standby mode. When you activate this function, the displayed clock appears incorrect. However, this defaults to Cupertino time (denoted by the abbreviation “CUP”), the location of Apple’s headquarters in California. You can of course change this:

  • Press the clock indicator a little longer.
  • Unlock your iPhone if necessary.
  • Quickly double-click on the clock in the widget overview.
  • Replace ‘Cupertino, USA’ with ‘Amsterdam’.
  • Tap a dark part of the screen and select Done.

Sounds have been changed and seem quieter

iOS 17 introduces a range of new ringtones and notification sounds. For the most crucial notifications, you have the choice to set a new or existing sound. However, for the ‘standard’ notifications of many apps you are limited to one specific sound. This sound is noticeably quieter than the default sound in iOS 16, and it cannot be adjusted. This has caused many dissatisfied users.

To see which notifications you can adjust yourself, navigate to ‘Settings>Hear and feel’. It is also advisable to explore the settings of your favorite chat app, as some apps offer the option to change the sound there.

Any other iOS 17 problems?

Have you spotted any other iOS 17 problems yourself? Let us know below in the comments.

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