iOS 18 beta 2: These are all the new features coming to your iPhone

Apple has released the second test version of iOS 18! The update brings a number of new features to your iPhone. Here’s what’s new in iOS 18 beta 2.

iOS 18 beta 2

A new test version of iOS 18 is available! In iOS 18 beta 2, Apple introduces new features for your iPhone. Unfortunately, American users in particular will receive additional features, because Apple previously announced that it would wait for a number of important functions in Europe. According to Apple, this has to do with the Digital Markets Act of the European Union, but it is not (yet) clear why exactly this is the case.

That’s why important features like Apple IntelligenceiPhone sync playback and SharePlay Screen Sharing not available in Europe until next year. Various functions of iOS 18 beta 2 are therefore not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Are you curious about what’s new in the second test version of iOS 18? We put all the functions together for you!

1. iPhone Synchronous Playback

In macOS Sequoia, iPhone Mirroring is a useful new feature. Apple added this feature to iOS 18 beta 2, making it possible to playback your iPhone’s screen on your Mac. You can then use this iPhone screen to open apps, see notifications and much more via your Mac. Your iPhone does not need to be unlocked for this.

The new feature is especially useful for transferring files, photos and videos from your iPhone to your Mac. You open the files directly from your iPhone on the Mac, without needing AirDrop. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to European users with iOS 18 beta 2. iPhone Synchronous Display is unlikely to come to iPhone and Mac until 2025.


2. Enable RCS on iOS 18 beta 2

From iOS 18 beta 2 it is possible to use RCS (Rich Communication Services) to enable on iPhone. The new feature makes it much easier to send messages via iMessage to Android users. With RCS enabled, you can send higher quality photos and videos and create group conversations in Messages with Android users. This function is also currently only available in the United States.


3. Home screen

Apple has made a number of improvements to the Home screen of the iPhone. From iOS 18 beta 2, the app icons have a light and a dark mode. This did not yet apply to the App Store image in the first test version of iOS 18, but it was added in beta 2. In other apps, Apple has improved contrast by adding more dark areas to the symbols.

We see another improvement with the wallpapers in iOS 18. In iOS 18 beta 2 it is possible to automatically activate the dark mode of backgrounds. The background then changes with the dark mode of the apps, which is automatically switched on and off at the start or end of the day. In this way, the screen of your iPhone really becomes dark in dark mode.

hide iphone app name

4. Widgets

Apple has introduced a new widget on the iPhone in iOS 18 beta 2. In the widget you can see all your connected cards from the Wallet app. You can set the information you see with each (payment) card yourself. This also makes it possible to see your current balance and recent transactions. The new Connected Cardswidget can be added in the second test version of iOS 18, but it seems that it does not yet work properly.

hide names iphone apps

5. Passwords app and Control Center

Apple has made a small change in the Password app. The completely new app collects all your passwords in iOS 18, so you don’t have to look for them yourself in your iPhone’s settings. To add a new category, you can simply tap the plus sign at the bottom left of the screen in iOS 18 beta 2. That button was not yet available in the first test version of iOS 18, but is a useful addition in the second beta.

From iOS 18 you can turn off your iPhone with the on and off button in the Control Center. This appears at the top right of the screen as soon as you open the Control Panel. As a result, many users regularly switched off the device unintentionally. That is why Apple has adjusted the operation of the power button in iOS 18 beta 2. To turn off the iPhone, you now have to hold the button down for longer, so that you do not simply turn off the device.

iOS 18 control panel home

More about iOS 18

Apple is making a number of changes and improvements to the iPhone in iOS 18 beta 2. A new test version is also available for the iPad, read here which new features are coming to iPadOS 18 beta 2. We will have to wait a while for the final versions of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, because Apple will not release the updates until September. Then macOS Sequoia and watchOS 11 will also appear.

Unfortunately, we have to wait longer for important features like Apple Intelligence, because Apple won’t bring these features to Europe until next year. In later test versions of iOS 18, Apple will likely add smaller new features and changes. Want to know what changes are coming to your iPhone with iOS 18? Then read all about the biggest iPhone update ever here!

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