iPad Home: ‘Apple is working on HomeKit smart display’

Apple is reportedly working on a HomeKit smart display to control your smart home. What will this iPad Home look like?

New iPad for your smart home

Apple is rumored to have a new tablet specifically intended to operate your smart home. The tablet must be one of a kind low end version of the iPad, which is mainly used indoors. With the Home app on this iPad ‘Home’ you can easily control all your HomeKit devices.

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In addition, the tablet is also intended for watching videos and FaceTime. The iPad Home is therefore expected to work well with Apple TV, so that you can easily continue the series you are watching in another room. This way, you can also watch your favorite movie or series while cooking.

HomeKit smart display

This is what the iPad Home will look like

The HomeKit smart display probably has the design we know from the newer iPads. The tablet is expected to have no home button and is relatively thin and light.

The big difference with the iPad: you can attach this tablet magnetically, so that you can hang the iPad Home indoors. This makes it feel even more like the tablet is part of your smart home.

The HomeKit smart display should connect the HomePod (mini) and Apple TV even more. Ultimately, it will be a device that combines the speaker, Apple TV and FaceTime camera. The iPad Home thus becomes the central point of your smart home. In this way, Apple wants to compete with devices such as the Google Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show.

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HomeKit smart display

This is when HomeKit smart display appears

We don’t have to expect the new tablet for the time being, because according to rumors, Apple plans to launch the new iPad sometime in 2024. Apple seems to find HomeKit devices increasingly important. The HomePod has finally got a successor. Read more here!

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