iPhone 13 mini is no more – you can still get it here

We were already afraid of it, but now it is official: Apple has discontinued the iPhone 13 mini. Would you like a small phone? You can still get it here!

Apple is removing 13 mini from sale

There were already rumors about this in the run-up to the iPhone 15 event. Apple would stop selling the iPhone 13 mini. That is now final. And it means there is small iPhone with a bezel-less screen and Face ID. A shame, we think iPhoned. That’s why we’re looking back at the 13 mini again, and let you know where you can still get the phone.

iPhone 13 mini – the best small iPhone

The iPhone 13 mini was the successor to the iPhone 12 mini, the first small yet modern iPhone that Apple had made in years. Although the relatively small iPhone SE had been available for a while, it could hardly be called modern, except for the processor. After all, it always uses the housing of an old iPhone.

The 13 mini, on the other hand, was 100% modern from the start. It had the same hardware as the regular iPhone 13, only with a 5.4-inch screen instead of 6.1 inches. The same camera. Same processor. Same features. Okay, the battery was a little smaller, but for the smaller size it was a great compromise.

But now that 13 mini is no longer. At Apple it has completely disappeared from the store, and the stock in web shops will also slowly run out.

You can still get the 13 mini here

Do you want a small phone? The 13 mini is also a good deal in 2023 – and after the presentation of the iPhone 15. It has the same chip as the iPhone 14 and is therefore barely inferior to its newer brothers in terms of performance.

In short, with the 13 mini you are still in the right place for a modern but small phone. Below you will find the webshops that still have it in stock.

Apple iPhone 13 mini deals

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