iPhone 14 Plus production stopped – what’s going on?

According to a new rumor, the production of the iPhone 14 Plus has (already) stopped. What is going on?

‘Production iPhone 14 Plus stopped’

In theory, the new iPhone 14 Plus should be a big hit in smartphone land. It has a large screen, relatively low price and excellent battery life. However, the sale of this Plus model from 2022 is a bit disappointing.

So reports The Information Apple has stopped production of the iPhone 14 Plus. This is by no means surprising given that the phone has only been in the shops for a few weeks. In this article you can read what is going on.

iPhone 14 Plus production stopped – what’s going on?

What will happen to the iPhone 14 Plus?

We can only enjoy the iPhone 14 Plus for just under two weeks. It has been in every store since October 7, and before that it was available for pre-order for a while. The iPhone 14 Max is the successor to the iPhone 13 mini, with sales also disappointing. For this reason, Apple took a different tack this year. The mini disappeared, and a Plus came in its place.

The Information reports Apple has immediately stopped production of the iPhone 14 Plus. Parts suppliers are also said to have reduced their production. Will the iPhone 14 Plus follow the iPhone 13 mini?

iphone 14 vs iphone 14 plus
iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 camera comparison

Why the production of the Plus has been stopped

It was already striking that the iPhone 14 Plus was in stores a few weeks later than the three iPhone 14 models. This would be due to the difficult delivery of the larger screens. The Information reports that inflation and a reduction in purchasing power are the main reasons why the Plus does not warm people up.

In addition, the price of the iPhone 14 Plus is somewhat inconvenient. You buy this phone for slightly more than the ‘normal’ iPhone 14. For that money you get a larger display, but there are no other differences. The people who can spare a hundred euros often add a little more and quickly land with the iPhone 14 Pro. It does have a lot of improvements compared to the iPhone 13 Pro.

The Information however, reports that Apple plans to release an iPhone 15 Plus variant next year. In particular, the excellent battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus is a big plus. We will find out soon enough whether the production of the iPhone 14 Plus has actually been stopped.

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