iPhone screen rotation: this is how you do automatic tilting with the app

Do you prefer to turn off the automatic screen orientation function, but do you want the image to automatically tilt for a specific app, such as YouTube? In this article you can read how you can automatically rotate an app.

Automatic screen orientation

With the automatic screen orientation feature, your iPhone’s image automatically rotates so that you can view it in either portrait or landscape orientation. That can be useful, but if you don’t like it, simply disable the option. The screen then no longer rotates automatically when you rotate your iPhone, but always remains in portrait mode.

It may be that when using certain apps you still want the screen orientation to be adjusted. For example when you want to watch a YouTube video. Below we explain how that works.

disable automatic screen orientation

You probably know how to ensure that the image of your iPhone does not rotate automatically. You do this by opening the Control Center (swipe down from the top right of the screen). Now tap the padlock icon and arrow (Portrait lock) to enable or disable automatic screen orientation. For this tip, enable the option (and thus disable the automatic screen orientation).

Personal automation

automation screen orientation Assignments

Now you can use the Assignments app to create a personal automation for the app of your choice. We use YouTube as an example. It goes like this:

  1. Open the Assignments app, tap ‘Automation’ and then ‘+’ in the top right;

  2. Choose ‘Personal Automation’, tap ‘App’, ‘Choose’ and then ‘YouTube’;

  3. Tap ‘Done’, ‘Next’ and then ‘Add task’;

  4. Choose ‘Set direction lock’, change ‘On/Off’ to ‘Turn on’ and tap ‘on’;

  5. Tap Next, turn off Ask Before Run, then tap Done.

Assignments automation

Create a second Personal Automation to ensure that the feature is also re-enabled when you exit YouTube. Then you can repeat these steps for any app you want.

The reverse is of course also possible this way: leave the automatic screen orientation on and switch it off when using certain apps!

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