iPhone SE 2022 pre-order tips: prepare well

Are you ready? Friday afternoon at 14:00 you can place the pre-order for the iPhone SE 2022 and with these tips you will certainly succeed!

iPhone SE 2022 pre-order: 6 tips

You will have to wait a while before you actually get the iPhone SE 2022, because the first devices will only be delivered next week (March 18). But you can pre-order as early as March 11. It is possible to order the device from 14:00 Dutch time, but beware: more people are probably planning to buy the iPhone SE 2022, which means that the delivery time can increase considerably. So make sure you are on time and prepare yourself well with the following tips.

iPhone SE 2022

1. How much do you want to spend: iPhone SE 2022 prices

The prices of the iPhone SE 2022 start at 529 euros. You then get 64GB of storage to store your apps, photos and video, among other things. We have put together all the prices of the iPhone SE 2022 below.

  • iPhone SE (2022) with 64GB storage: 529 euros
  • iPhone SE (2022) with 128GB storage: 579 euros
  • iPhone SE (2022) with 256GB storage: 699 euros

So the only difference is the amount of storage you get. The other specifications of the iPhone SE 2022 are the same for all versions. Decide in advance which device you want and in the next tip we will help you choose the amount of storage.

2. What color and storage capacity

The iPhone SE 2022 is available in red, white and black with a storage of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The color that will be chosen with the pre-order of the iPhone SE 2022 is of course a personal preference. But the amount of storage is important to think about. After all, it is not possible to expand your storage afterwards.

Do you use iCloud and don’t plan to play (large) games? Then 64GB is enough. You should keep in mind that you sometimes have to free up space if you use many different apps.

Are you going to shoot a lot of photos and videos with your new iPhone SE 2022 and want to play heavier and bigger games to test the fast A15 processor? Then choose 128GB storage, then you’re good.

iPhone SE 2022 specs

There is one last option for the real large-scale consumer. With a storage space of 256GB, you have enough storage to store a large amount of photos, videos, apps, and music.

3. Where are you going to buy the iPhone SE 2022: webshop, provider or Apple Store?

The iPhone SE 2022 pre-order will start on 11 March from 2 pm. You can then order the new iPhone at the (digital) Apple Store and many other Dutch web shops. Check now where you want to order your iPhone SE 2022.

When it’s almost 2:00 PM, open multiple tabs at different stores in your favorite browser. If your favorite color is sold out, you can quickly try it elsewhere. Also log in with your account, so you don’t have to request your password again while the sale has already started.

iPhone SE 2022 with subscription
• Pre-order at KPN
• Pre-order at T-Mobile
• Pre-order at Tele2
• Pre-order at Belsimpel
• Pre-order at Mobiel.nl
iPhone SE 2022 separate device
• Pre-order at Coolblue
• Pre-order at MediaMarkt
• Pre-order at Mobiel.nl
• Pre-order at Belsimpel
• Pre-order at Amac

Of course, our price comparison sites for an iPhone SE 2022 (single device) or an iPhone SE 2022 with subscription will also be filled with the most current prices and delivery time from 2 p.m.

Price comparison iPhone SE 2022 (single device)
Price comparator iPhone SE 2022 (with subscription)

4. Calculate the trade-in value of your old iPhone

Are you planning to replace your old iPhone with buying iPhone SE 2022? Wise! Check now what you can get for your old device. You can read all about this in the tip below.

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5. Download the Apple Store app

Are you planning to pre-order the iPhone Se 2022 from Apple itself? Then we recommend downloading the Apple Store app. The app often works a bit faster and it is easier than going through the steps of the iPhone SE 2022 pre-order on the website. So take advantage of that!

6. Be on time (before 2pm)

The pre-order of the iPhone SE 2022 starts at 14:00 Dutch time and, as always, we don’t know how much stock Apple has available. So try to be ready a little before two o’clock. Make sure you are logged in and you can quickly make a payment via internet banking. Is there still a queue? Then you have at least done everything you can to place your order quickly. Good luck!

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