iPhone SE event is much earlier than expected, but why?

The first Apple event of 2022 with the unveiling of the iPhone SE is probably on March 8. That is striking, because the production of the iPhone SE 3 is far from finished. So why such an early announcement?

iPhone SE event on March 8

Apple’s first event of 2022 is likely to take place on March 8, Mark Gurman reported Bloomberg this week. The Apple insider is very close to the Apple fire and often gets it right with his predictions. According to Gurman, Apple will announce the new iPhone SE 3 during the event.

Another reliable analyst also made a prediction a week earlier: Ross Young. According to his sources, the iPhone SE 2022 release is yet to come. At the earliest, the entry-level iPhone would be in stores in the second half of April.

April release

This means that there is an unusually long time between the announcement and the launch of the iPhone SE 2022. Usually, Apple only reveals its products when they can be found on the (virtual) shelves of the Apple Store shortly afterwards. Especially with iPhones, which can usually be pre-ordered the Friday after the event. A week later they are in the shops.

The fact that Apple still prefers an event at the beginning of March, according to LeaksApplePro, has to do with the fact that Apple likes to spread the events as much as possible over the year. An event in April or May is then too late – because WWDC is just around the corner in June. Last year was an exception (Apple organized an event on April 20), but that would be a result of production problems, among other things.

supporting role

In addition, we have another theory: Apple sees the iPhone SE 2022 as the least important announcement. One that falls under the category: ‘oh yes, there’s this one too’. In 2016, Apple did not announce the first iPhone SE at an event, but via a press release. In 2020, that was no different for the second generation. The upcoming SE is even less innovative, so to move the spring event for that…

In short: the iPhone SE plays a supporting role. Instead, Apple prefers to focus the spotlight on other products, such as the new iPad Air. Apple would also present a new Mac, although it is still unclear which one. One candidate is a 13-inch MacBook Pro. And who knows, Apple may have another spectacular surprise in store.

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