iPhone stolen or lost? You have to do this and that is how you prevent it

Your iPhone has been lost or perhaps stolen: what now? iPhoned explains how to prevent theft and what to do if your iPhone is snatched from your jacket.

This is how you prevent a stolen iPhone

Theft can happen to anyone, but it is annoying. Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself to minimize the chance and give thieves a tough life. Use our anti-theft tips for this. If your iPhone is stolen or lost, we will tell you step-by-step what to do.

1. Lock your iPhone

A logical first step is to lock your iPhone, so that others do not just enter your device. In any case, set a six-digit passcode: it is more difficult to crack than using four digits.

iphone security options

Touch ID and Face ID are also safe options to unlock your iPhone. Please note: the face scanner only works on the latest iPhones such as the iPhone XS, XS Max and the new iPhone XR. Everything about setting the lock can be found in the iOS settings menu under the heading ‘Touch ID / Face ID and access code’.

In this menu you can also enable ‘Delete data’. If you activate this, your device will be deleted after someone has entered an incorrect access code ten times. This is quite dangerous, but it is safe.

2. Set up Find My iPhone

Now that your iPhone is locked, make sure you can always find it again using Find My iPhone. To do this, go to the settings menu, ‘Apple ID’ and activate the option under the heading ‘iCloud’. Your iPhone, or other Apple device, must have an active Internet connection for Find My iPhone to work properly.

find my iphone

3. Make backups

It is also important to regularly back up your iPhone. That way you won’t lose any important data should your device be stolen or lost.

To do this, go to the settings, tap on ‘Apple ID’ and choose ‘iCloud’. Select iCloud Backup and slide the switch. From now on, copies will be made automatically as soon as your iPhone is charged.

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iPhone stolen or lost? You must do this

The first thing to do is try to find your iPhone. Perhaps the device has not been stolen, but you have forgotten or lost it somewhere.

  1. On your computer or iPad, go to Find My iPhone;
  2. Check if your iPhone is on the map and take a screenshot of the last known location (this is important if you are going to report it);
  3. Is it nearby? Then choose the option ‘Call’ so that you hear the ringtone ring;
  4. If your iPhone is in a completely different location, it is wise to lock or erase it. If you delete the device, you can no longer trace it via ‘Find my iPhone’. So think carefully!

After doing this, your iPhone will be unusable for the thief or finder. For example, if you see that your iPhone is in a cafe you’ve recently been to, you should give the owner a call. Maybe someone has been honest enough to hand over your phone.

File a declaration and block your SIM card

If you are sure that your iPhone has been stolen – for example because it is abroad while you have never been there, or no longer broadcasts a location at all – you must file a report. Don’t forget the website lostengevonden.nl just to check: someone might have found your iPhone.

Although the chance is quite small that the police will find your phone, you have to file a report to find out the damage on your (travel) insurance. This can be both online as well as via telephone. Please provide as much details as possible such as any damage, the IMEI number, the last known location, the model and the color.

iPhone sim cards stolen

To prevent the thief from calling, using the internet and texting at your expense, it is important to have the SIM card blocked by your provider. At most companies this can be done by telephone and via the internet.

Call the numbers below to have your SIM card blocked:

  • KPN: 0800-0105
  • Telfort: 0900-9596
  • Tele2: 0800-2199
  • T-Mobile: 06-2400 1200
  • Vodafone: 0800-0094

Have your customer details at hand (such as your telephone and customer number) and the IMEI number. Don’t worry though: if your SIM card is found again, it can easily be unblocked.

After blocking, notify your friends and family about the theft. This will avoid a lot of confusion when they try to call or WhatsApp you. It is also wise to change the passwords of email accounts and social media profiles if your phone is stolen.

Claim your iPhone with the insurance

iPhones, and phones in general, are becoming more and more expensive, so more people are opting for insurance. Therefore, after your declaration, contact your insurer to submit a claim.

iPhone stolen terms and conditions

With most parties you can download a claim form from the website, which you must fill in as carefully as possible. Again, enclose as much relevant information as possible in order to encumber the burden of proof.

Do not forget to check the conditions in advance. Sometimes, for example, there must be ‘demonstrable traces of burglary’ before your damage is paid out. In addition, most parties reimburse between 250 and 500 euros for a stolen phone. This amount is of course not sufficient to get a new iPhone.

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