iPhone tips: this is what you need to do if your iPhone won’t charge

Has your iPhone not charged at all, even though it has been on the charger for an hour? Then quickly read this week’s iPhone tips, containing five things you can do if your iPhone won’t charge.

This is what you need to do if your iPhone is not charging

Problems with charging your iPhone are often caused by problems with the charger itself. A defect in the cable, dirt that causes malfunctions, or the use of poor quality accessories can all lead to poor (or no) charging of your iPhone. In these iPhone tips you can read how you can find out what is going wrong and how you can solve the problem.

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1. Check the charger

We’ll start these iPhone tips with the possibility that your charger is broken. Chargers do not last forever. Yet most of us use a charger much longer than an iPhone. There is therefore a chance that you already have an old copy, so it is good to check if there are charging problems.

The easiest thing to do is to connect the charger to another iPhone or iPad to see if that works. If the outcome is negative, always check tip two before purchasing a new charger.

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2. Check the cable

The second of these iPhone tips is inextricably linked to tip one. It may seem like the charger is broken, but the problem could still be with the cable. A good charger with a broken cable will not charge your iPhone.

To check this, it is best to try a different cable. If you don’t have another cable, you may be able to connect the charging cable of your Apple Watch to it. Or that of your AirPods. In the worst case, you borrow a cable from someone you know will do it.

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3. Check whether your charger supplies sufficient energy

Number three of these iPhone tips is probably especially helpful if you don’t use an Apple charger. Your charger may charge other devices, but that doesn’t mean the problem is with your iPhone. It is possible that your charger does not provide enough wattage. In any case, fast charging only works with a charger from 18 watts. If you have a charger that supplies less than 5 watts, then it is definitely time for a new charger.

Look at the charger to check how many watts it delivers. This is simply stated on Apple chargers. Chargers from other brands may only have volts and amperes on them. In that case, multiply the two together to determine the amount of watts. For example, 5 V and 1.5 A means that the charger supplies 7.5 W.

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4. Check the charging port

Number four of this week’s iPhone tips has to do with sand, dust and damage. These can all cause your charger to no longer make contact. Around the gate to clean, you can use a wooden toothpick, for example, so that you don’t damage anything. You can also sometimes work miracles with a can of compressed air.

If you have the option to charge your iPhone wirelessly, definitely give that a try. If that does work, it is an additional indication that there is indeed something wrong with the charging port. You can reach Apple in that case, have a new charging port installed.

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5. Reset your iPhone

We conclude these iPhone tips with a reset. Sometimes turning your iPhone on and off can make a big difference, but in certain cases more drastic measures are necessary. Consider resetting your phone to factory settings, which is also called a ‘factory reset‘ is called.

Make sure you have all your files and contacts saved to the cloud as this reset will completely restore your phone to its original state. It is a rigorous measure, but it can ensure that your iPhone functions as it should again.

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