iPhone without bezels: that will take a while (but how long?)

An iPhone without edges or Dynamic Island will have to wait a while. But how long will that last?

iPhone completely without edges: how long will that take?

The iPhone 15 still has bezels around the screen and there is a Dynamic Island at the top. The selfie camera is hidden in this black bar. But how long will it take before Apple completely switches to a bezel-less iPhone, without Dynamic Island or notch?

iPhone screen without borders

Well, it will take some time, but Apple’s hardware developers have already started making an under-screen camera. This new camera is an Under-Display Camera (UDC) and does not have a visible hole in the screen that the current camera of the iPhone 15 still has. This would fit perfectly with an iPhone without edges.

There are some disadvantages to an under-screen camera. Because the image to be captured must first pass through the smartphone screen, the camera receives a lot less light. This can lead to poorer image quality for photos and videos.

To compensate for this, a new lens system is devised. This system has multiple lenses and is a lot more light sensitive. The makers (LG) have been regularly filing patents related to this since December 2022. This will only increase now that development has actually started.

They are trying to increase the light transmittance of the camera to 20 percent by 2023. By 2024 that should be about 40 percent, which brings them close to Apple’s wishes.

iPhone not a dynamic island

Before the camera is placed under the screen, it is first expected that Face ID will be given a place under the screen. According to rumors, this will be on the iPhone 17 Pro in 2025. This model still has a round opening at the top of the screen. According to analyst Ross Young, Apple will then place the cameras of the iPhone Pro models under the screen in 2027. Around that time you can also expect the first iPhone completely without edges.

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