iPhone X and older won’t get some iOS 16 features (and here’s why)

iOS 16 is not too long in coming. Every iPhone 8 or newer will get the update, but if you have an iPhone X or older, you won’t get some iOS 16 features. iPhoned tells you which functions they are and explains why.

iPhone X and older don’t get these iOS 16 features

The new features in iOS 16 are great. Any iPhone 8 and newer will soon be able to upgrade to the new operating system. Unfortunately, not every iPhone gets all the features. For example, you need an A12 chip in your device for some parts. The iPhone X still has an A11 chip and therefore this device does not get all iOS 16 functions.

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These are the key features iPhone X and older not get with the update to iOS 16:

  • Live text in videos: You can already copy texts from photos with live text. In iOS 16, this also works with videos;
  • Detach topics: One of the best features of iOS is the easy detachment of topics;
  • Spotlight searches more images: images from Messages, Notes and Files are also included in the search results;
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  • Live Captions: in FaceTime, among others, you can turn on live captions (for now, this feature is only available in the United States);
  • Blur the foreground of portrait photos: You can blur the foreground of portrait photos for better effect.

These were the main features you’re going to miss on iPhone X and older when you upgrade to iOS 16. There are also a number of smaller features that you will miss.

Even if you have an iPhone 12 or older, you won’t get all iOS 16 features. Do you really want all the features of iOS 16? Then you need an iPhone 13. You can read more about this in the article below.

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  • iPhone X and older won’t get some iOS 16 features (and here’s why)

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