Is Google working on a new Chromecast? This is what you need to know

Google is probably working on a new Chromecast. What can you expect? We list all the recent rumors about the improved streaming dongle for you.

According to 9to5Google it is a Chromecast with Google TV that gets a lower price tag than the current models, but that otherwise looks the same. The new streaming device runs on android 12 and not on Android 10 like the current models, and also includes a remote control. However, the lower price tag does come with a lower video quality. This way you can stream videos in a quality of up to 1080p. In addition to a choice for Full HD, i.e. 1080p, the current generation of Chromecasts contains an option for Ultra HD, i.e. 4K. The new Chromecast will not offer this last option.

With the new streaming device, Google therefore mainly wants to serve users who do not yet have a 4K television or do not care about it.

The new Chromecast is speculated to have 2GB of RAM and support a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. This means it has more memory than the 512 MB that we find in the Full HD version of the current Chromecast, but less than the 8 GB in the Ultra HD version. The successor would also support the AV1 format, a video codec that allows videos to be played in higher quality at the same bit rate.

The new Chromecast will probably also come with a remote control.


The suggested retail price for the Full HD option of the current generation of Chromecasts is approximately 40 euros, but this does not include remote control. The Ultra HD version costs approximately 90 euros and you can download apps that support 4K content, such as Netflix, Videoland, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. According to the rumors, it is obvious that the suggested retail price for the new streaming device will be between 30 and 50 euros.

The new Chromecast is expected to be released this year. Google hopes to be able to compete better with other affordable streaming dongles such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and TV Sticks from Xiaomi, which are also available in the Netherlands.

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