Is it smart to already buy a smart refrigerator?

A refrigerator is a device that you often use for ten to twenty years. They have become increasingly energy-efficient, but there is more innovation in the field of refrigerators. In this way they are getting smarter. But, is it wise to already buy a smart refrigerator?

There have been smart refrigerators on the market for years, such as Samsung and LG. They are not cheap devices, but that is not all that prevents consumers from buying them. In fact, few people know exactly what you can do with it and what the added value is of such an extra smart device at home. Of course there is. For example, on some smart fridges you can switch on a Spotify playlist via the touchscreen or check the weather while you make breakfast. Another handy application is that you can keep a calendar on it. Handy if you live with a whole family and want to know who should be where that day.

Smart refrigerators

You can also install apps on some smart fridges, such as Uber or Albert Heijn. The Samsung Family Hub even has the option to stream to the screen on the refrigerator what is shown on your Samsung TV. So you do not miss anything from your favorite Netflix series during cooking. You can also talk to the refrigerator, because Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby, is installed on it. Of course it is convenient that Bixby also talks back, through the speakers in the fridge.

While those are smart things, of course, they aren’t necessarily refrigerator-related. No problem, there are also functions that do have to do with the contents of that cold cupboard. There are examples that have a special de-icing function, so you do not have to defrost your freezer yourself when ice forms: the refrigerator just does that for you. In addition, there is often a stock function that allows you to keep an eye on what is in the refrigerator. This way you can look in the fridge in real time. Very useful if you come from work and go to the supermarket on the way home. This way you immediately combat food waste, because this increases the chance that you will buy ingredients with which you complete a product that is already in your refrigerator.

The annoying thing about smart refrigerators is that the two are actually the only refrigerator-specific functions so far, so that such a device offers added value. And yes, whether those thousands of euros that cost such a smart refrigerator more justify those few green beans that you have to throw away less, that chance is small. Probably when we are a few years later, those smart refrigerators can do more. Then they can keep track of whether a certain product is about to expire, or run out at all and put it on your shopping list.

Connection with other smart devices

It probably depends mainly on yourself whether a smart refrigerator is something for you. It also depends on how many other smart appliances you have at home and to what extent your smart refrigerator works with them. Consider, for example, the example mentioned above with the Samsung television. In addition, you should only have space for it in your home, because smart refrigerators are generally not made to be built in, so you need space for a standalone appliance.

However, for most people it will not offer any added value at the moment, such a smart refrigerator. Put a Google Home speaker in your kitchen and you actually have the same effect as a smart refrigerator. You only miss a screen, but you can also opt for an iPad. Finally, there is one action that you have to do yourself before you get out the door; open the door and see what is ready to be eaten.


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