Is the Galaxy Fold 2 in the making?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, was not exactly a success. There were many problems with the device and the smartphone received little support from consumers. This doesn’t seem to stop Samsung from trying again. According to rumors, there will be a successor to the Fold.

The website SamMobile reports that the Fold 2 gets less storage and is therefore cheaper. The cheaper model is likely to get 256 GB of internal storage, while there will also be an option for 512 GB. The first Fold was only available with 512 GB of storage and received a price tag of almost two thousand euros.

In the past year, reports have often appeared that Samsung is working on a new foldable phone. Bloomberg news agency reported in March last year that there would even be two successors. The first, the Galaxy Z Flip, was released earlier this year, but the other model has yet to be announced.

Z Flip

Rumors are unanimous about what the new device will look like. According to Bloomberg, the screen of the new Samsung phone would fold outwards, like with the Mate X from Huawei. Later, however, images appeared that suggest that the phone folds in just like the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, so you can not use the device when it is folded.

The smartphone could get a 7.7-inch or 8-inch screen, compared to the 7.3 Fold’s first Fold screen. Also a support for the S Pen stylus would not be unthinkable.

Big hit to hit

More important is probably how long the device will last. The original Fold had a chaotic launch, with many devices breaking down in the first weeks. Samsung was even forced to postpone the official launch by months. Even after the necessary adjustments, the phone was still fragile. With the Z Flip, Samsung tackled it a bit differently by opting for an ultra-thin screen made of glass, but this screen also proved not to be resistant to scratches and other damage. Samsung has a lot to do in this area.


Announcement in August?

It is unclear when Samsung will announce a new foldable smartphone, especially now that the corona crisis is causing disruptions in the supply chains. Many reports speak of an announcement in the second or third quarter of this year.

In August, Samsung usually announces new Note devices. SamMobile does not exclude that Samsung will seize this moment to also reveal a new Fold.


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