Is this a wish?

Which insect is in this picture? Probably a bug?

Asker: Henry, 58 years old


Dear Hendrik,

this is indeed a bug; but on the basis of this photo it is difficult to name the bug. I suspect you should head in the direction of the Coreidae (edge ​​bugs). These have 4-part antennae and an abdomen or abdomen with widened side edges (I think you can see it in the photo at the top-rear). Perhaps a sorrel bug (Coreus marginatus), these bugs are brown to dark brown, and have antennae where the tip is dark, but this is a guess.

Kind regards,


Answered by

Hans Castels

identification of pest insects in agriculture and horticulture, stock goods and homes

Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
Burg. van Gansberghelaan 96 box 1 9820 Merelbeke


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