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Fiat 600e RED

As a precaution, Fiat removes the Italian tricolor from the rear bumper of the Fiat 600. In this way, Stellantis hopes to prevent the Italian Guardia di Finanza from following behind.

The new compact and electric crossover from Alfa Romeo cannot be called Milano because it is not built in Italy and the Fiat Topolino cannot carry an Italian flag on its flank for the same reason. The four-wheelers do not comply with Italian law which dictates that products cannot give the impression of being built in Italy if that is not the case. This now prompts Fiat to remove the colors of the Italian flag from the rear bumper of the Fiat 600e. This is evident from reports from Reuters.

Fiat 600e

The Italian tricolor that you will soon no longer find on the back of the Fiat 600.

Just like the Fiat Topolino and the Alfa Romeo Junior (previously: Milano), the Fiat 600 is also not produced in Italy. Stellantis assembles the Fiat 600 in Poland. The Topolino produced in Morocco bore the Italian tricolor and that was reason enough for the Italian Guardia di Finanza – the Italian ‘financial police’ – to confiscate more than 130 copies of that Topolino upon arrival at the ports of Livorno, Italy. The Fiat 600 has the Italian tricolor as Red and La Prima in the 600 logo in the rear bumper, but soon this will no longer be the case. Fiat would have taken that decision to “[…] to be completely transparent and to avoid misunderstandings about where the product is built.”

The Italian authorities are reportedly putting Stellantis under a magnifying glass because the group often chooses not to build cars in Italy, but in countries where production costs are lower.

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