KGM Torres now also in Europe

Waiting for electric Torres EVX

KGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM TorresKGM Torres

KGM Torres

The KGM Torres, a new model from the former SsangYong, has appeared on the European market. Here in the Netherlands we continue to wait for its electric brother, the Torres EVX.

The KGM Torres has appeared on the order lists in the United Kingdom and Belgium, among others. The Torres was already presented as SsangYong about a year and a half ago, but due to the takeover by KG Mobility it now has KGM logos on it. We now also get to see and know a little more about the European Torres.

The KGM Torres is an approximately 4.70 meter long SUV with a 163 hp strong blown 1.5-liter four-cylinder in its nose. It is available with both front and four-wheel drive and in the latter case it always has a six-speed automatic transmission from Aisin. With the front-wheel drive variant (at least with our southern neighbors) there is also the choice of a manual gearbox. The Torres can tow up to 1,500 kilos braked (750 unbraked) and offers up to 1,662 liters of luggage space with the rear seats flat. If you would rather have seats left in the back, there is 703 liters of luggage space.

Above the newer, more EVX-like dashboard, below the dashboard that is already in the fuel Torres in South Korea.

Both outside and inside, the Torres looks a lot more modern than previous cars developed under SsangYong. In fact, the Torres shown in the UK already has a newer dashboard than the South Korean and the Torres shown on the Belgian website. Somewhat confusing, but it seems that KGM has upgraded the Torres a bit for the European market and provides the more modern cockpit (at the top of the photo above) of the electric Torres EVX.

KGM Torres EVX

Speaking of the KGM Torres EVX, the electric version presented last year is a lot more relevant for the Dutch market than the regular Torres. We only receive the electric KGMs and that includes the Torres EVX. AutoWeek understands from the importer that the KGM Torres EVX will be at the dealer at the end of April. The prices will be announced before then.

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