Kia EV6 takes record with short charging time

Kia EV6 takes record with short charging time

Kia has set a Guinness World Record in the United States with a trip from New York to Los Angeles. A Kia EV6 completed that trip with a record short charging time.

Kia has done a kind of ‘Cannonball Run’ with an EV6, but then slightly different. Instead of driving from New York to Los Angeles as quickly as possible, it tried to stop at a charging station for as short a time as possible during the trip. With more than 4,635 it is quite a long drive and the EV6 has been hanging on a charging station for a total of only 7 hours, 10 minutes and 1 second. With that, the old record that stood for this has been wiped out.

That record was held by Tesla, who made the same journey with a total charging time of 12 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 19 seconds. The EV6 was therefore more than five hours ‘faster’. A quick calculation shows that it was possible to cover about 660 km per hour of charging. If you consider that Kia calculates the maximum charging speed for the EV6 on the fast charger about 4.5 minutes for 100 km range, you would say that it should be even smoother. The driver was probably not able to charge everywhere at full charging power and of course in practice the range turns out to be somewhat smaller than previously estimated. On such a long trip, there are several elements that adversely affect the driving range. Anyway, it’s a nice achievement.

Record attempts with electric cars have become a real phenomenon. Volkswagen recently set a Guinness World Record with the ID4 by driving the longest distance ever with an electric car in one country. A somewhat less relevant record, though. Ford is also on a record hunt. That already recorded several Guinness World Records with the Mustang Mach-E. Recently, for example, with ‘the shortest charge time on the longest journey in mainland Great Britain’ and also the Mustang Mach-E only had to recharge once during that same 1,350 kilometer trip, which set another record. Something tells us that even more brands are going to take such records if they are creative enough to come up with another record attempt.

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