KPN Internet & TV subscription: 12 months for 35 euros per month

This weekend you pay for the first twelve months when you take out a new 2-year Internet & TV subscription from KPN only 35 euros per month. This offer is valid for a limited time. So be quick!

12 months for 35 euros per month

Planning to take out a new subscription? Then now is the time! This offer is valid for a limited time and can be found exclusively online at KPN. Moreover, you benefit from the free switching service and therefore do not have to do anything yourself.

Would you prefer a different welcome gift? Of course that is also possible! You can also opt for a 6-month discount on a one-year Internet and TV subscription (where you pay only 35 euros per month for the first 6 months) or for 2 KPN SuperWifi points worth 199 euros.

NB! This promotion is only valid for a limited time. So be quick!

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KPN Internet & TV subscription

With the KPN subscription you can choose from four different internet speeds, the most commonly chosen variants are: Fast, Faster and Superfiber1. See below what internet speed you need at home.

  • Fast – up to 100 Mbit/s: perfect for less intensive internet use, such as sending emails and messages.
  • Faster – up to 200 Mbit/s: for the average user. And for carrying out more demanding tasks, such as streaming series on Netflix on multiple devices.
  • Superfiber1 – up to 1 Gbit/s: for the intensive internet user. Are you an avid gamer or do you like watching series in 4K? This can all be done at the same time at this speed!

When you take out the subscription, you will of course get access to KPN’s television package. This allows you to watch all standard channels via your television or via the KPN Smart TV app, where you can choose from even more entertainment. Consider a subscription to Disney+ or ESPN.

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Safe internet use

In addition to fast and stable internet from KPN, you also get free KPN Veilig. This protects your connected devices from outside hackers. You get KPN safe for free 5 devices. Would you rather protect more devices? For a fee, you can also choose to protect 15 or 25 devices.

Take advantage of KPN Combivoordeel

KPN also has many combination advantages. This way you save money on all the different streaming services that you have to use these days to keep up with everything. With this combination benefit, you pay less, for example, if you use Netflix and Spotify in addition to your KPN subscription.

Netflix series

For example, you get a discount of up to 7.50 euros every month on your mobile subscription and an Entertainment discount worth 5 euros, which can be used for Netflix, Spotify or Viaplay, among others. There is also a free Plus package (with extra channels and films) in combination with a TV subscription. An easy way to save money!

KPN Internet & TV subscription: 12 months for 35 euros per month

This special offer from KPN is valid for a limited time and can only be found online on the KPN website. If you order a new 2-year Internet & TV subscription or Internet-only subscription from KPN, you only pay for the first twelve months 35 euros per month.

Would you rather have 6 months for only 35 euros per month?

Would you prefer a shorter subscription? Then you can also benefit from a 6-month discount if you take out a one-year subscription. You only pay 35 euros per month for your Internet & TV subscription for the first six months.

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