Less chaos in Telegram – tips for creating folders in chats

Telegram has a handy function to make your chat conversations more organized. By organizing the chats in folders, you can keep private and work conversations better separated in the chat service. iPhoned tells you how to put your Telegram chats in folders.

Create folders in Telegram

If you have been using Telegram on your iPhone or iPad for some time, you undoubtedly have many different chat conversations. If you use the chat service for your work and private matters at the same time, you will not always have to wait for new updates from your group of friends during working hours. Then divide your work and private contacts into folders.

Less chaos in Telegram – tips for creating folders in chats

In this way you only get to see the chat conversations of your work contacts or your friends at the touch of a button. Is it time to go home after work? Then all you have to do is check your friends’ chat folder. Your work colleagues will then have their turn tomorrow. You can create folders in Telegram in the following way.

How to Create Folders in Telegram on iPhone

  1. Launch the Telegram app and tap “Settings” at the bottom right;

  2. Choose ‘Chat folders’ in the menu;

  3. Tap “Create New Folder” and name the folder to create your own folders in Telegram;

  4. Go to ‘Add chats’ and select the chats you want to add to the folder;

  5. Tap ‘Done’ and ‘Create’;

  6. At the bottom, tap ‘Chats’, then you will find the created chat folders at the top of the screen.

Telegram: counterpart of popular WhatsApp

The messaging service Telegram has been a popular counterpart to WhatsApp for years. This is partly because the app has functions that you will not find in WhatsApp. In addition, the app continues to update itself regularly.

What is Telegram

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