Lexus ‘Electrified SUV’ seen from multiple angles

Lexus Electrified SUV

Lexus previously came up with a whole battery of new electric concept cars. One of these, the ‘Electrified SUV’, now shows the brand from multiple angles. At first sight it promises to be a nice beast.

The electric future for Lexus looks promising, if we can go by the recently presented concept cars. Lexus showed no fewer than 13 possible new EVs, of which the RZ 450e, which is on the E-TNGA platform of the Toyota bZ4X, among others, is currently the most concrete. Lexus is keeping the details about the RZ 450e under wraps for now, but the model is expected to be roughly the same size as the current RX. We’ll probably know more later this year when Lexus unveils the electric RZ 450e.

Lexus Electrified SUV

Lexus Electrified SUV

Above that RZ 450e could potentially be this ‘Electrified SUV’. Lexus does not currently have a name other than that for the concept car. The ‘Electrified SUV’ was previously only seen from the front left, but now Lexus is showing off on its Japanese Facebook page, which we found via, also the side and rear view of the mastodon. The large SUV clearly resembles the RZ in appearance, but appears to be a lot larger due to its longer roofline and rear side window. It’s difficult to determine the size of the SUV from the photos, but it seems to be somewhere between the current RX 450hL and LX 600.

In terms of design, the sharp-lined ‘Electrified SUV’ clearly shows similarities with the RZ. The grille is closed and the headlamps are sharply lined, with the concept version appearing to lack overarching headlamp glass. From the side, the upright nose is particularly noticeable. At the back, Lexus keeps it pretty quiet. The rear bumper has a striking notch under the tailgate and the light bar runs continuously over the entire width of the rear. In addition, the lighting partly extends below the rear side window, which gives the side a unique appearance.

All in all, the ‘Electrified SUV’ looks quite production-ready except for a number of details. Lexus is currently very successful in the US, Russia and Asia, among others, with large seven-seaters. Given that fact, the ‘Electrified SUV’ seems a logical step for the future. When Lexus unveils the ‘Electrified SUV’ in its final form, and whether it will also come to the Netherlands, is not yet known at the time of writing.

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