Lose weight healthily: 7 problems you don’t have to have

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Many people want to lose weight, but it’s not always healthy: Anyone who wants to lose weight seriously and sustainably often has to deal with all kinds of problems. The good news: none of these problems have to be yours – if you go about it the right way.

The unpleasant truth right at the start: generations of people have failed on thousands of diets. So is losing weight healthily not possible after all?

Yes, but you have to choose the right path. And many diets are outdated. They don’t take your actual calorie needs into account and hardly take your everyday life into account. Weight loss tips rarely go beyond generalities. They often leave us with the question: “Yes, of course, less sweets, less fat, but how do I actually do it?”

In other words: Many diet programs come with unpleasant problems. Here are seven classic problems – and solutions for them:

1. The yo-yo effect after losing weight

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Think sustainably and save yourself problems with the yo-yo effect. (Photo: CC0 / Unsplash / Eric Prouzet)

Problem 1 that you don’t have to have: You don’t need a yo-yo effect, which means that you gain weight again after losing weight – and end up weighing more than before!

The problem: Many diets rely on a drastic reduction in calorie intake. The result: The body switches to a kind of “starvation mode” in order to get by on less food. After the diet, you usually increase your calorie intake again. The result: The body immediately stores fat reserves in case you find yourself in another period of starvation. What was vital in times of existential threats now leads to the dreaded yo-yo effect.

Lose weight healthily: Forget about quick, fast and crash diets. Make sure you have a moderate calorie deficit in a long-term change in diet. Use sustainable methods to reduce your weight and keep it off in the long term. In the Healthy Weight Loss course you will learn how to eat a balanced diet and how high your own calorie needs are.

Learn to lose weight – without the yo-yo effect

2. The food bans with a bad mood guarantee

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If you’re not in a good mood while losing weight, then there’s something wrong with the plan. (© Adobe Stock)

Problem 2 that you don’t have to have: Losing the joy of eating and living because you actually hate your diet.

The problem: Strict diets come with many prohibitions. Low-carb diets, for example, require you to avoid pasta and bread – and encourage cravings. Low-fat diets prohibit fats and oils – but these are precisely what provide taste and satiety, so nothing tastes good and nothing fills you up. Intermittent fasting prohibits eating during certain time windows – but eating is more than just consuming food, it is often also a social event that we should not miss out on.

Lose weight healthily: rely on a flexible diet with a high proportion of plant-based ingredients, which allows you to enjoy delicious meals without feeling guilty thanks to clever recipes. In the HausMed course Lose Weight Healthily, you have access to an online recipe search with a colorful collection of recipes that are tailored to your own calorie needs. The course contains recommendations, but no prohibitions (and exceptions are allowed).

Find out how you can lose weight without being in a bad mood

3. The subscription traps and weight loss program money pits

healthy weight loss home med course without cost trap
Do you want to lose weight healthily? It doesn’t even have to cost you anything! (© Adobe Stock)

Problem 3 that you don’t have to have: High expenses for subscription traps and expensive weight loss programs.

The problem: The idea seems tempting: you sign up for weight loss programs that advertise a temptingly cheap introductory offer. But at the end of the free trial period, high fees suddenly become due – and the program turns out to be a subscription trap that, above all, makes your wallet lighter.

Lose weight healthily: Find out as much as you can about the weight loss program: Pay attention to the small print, hidden costs, long-term contracts – all of this can quickly add up. Pay attention to clearly communicated prices without any ifs and buts and to the cooperation with health insurance companies. With the HausMed Lose Weight Healthily course, you have no financial risk. Those with statutory insurance can even take part in the course free of charge. Those who are privately insured or would like to book the course without a health insurance subsidy pay a one-off fee of EUR 75 – no hidden costs, no subscription.

Lose weight healthily without spending money – try it out

4. The frustration when nothing moves forward

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Don’t give up if nothing happens – that’s completely normal. (© Adobe Stock)

Problem 4 that you don’t have to have: The feeling of being left alone when your weight stagnates.

The problem: Losing weight is a long process and there can be phases in which the weight stagnates. For example, because the body adapts to hunger and uses less. Or because you exercise, which is good in the long term and helps you lose weight healthily, but which also builds muscle mass, which can look like a setback on the scales. Without support, such problems can be frustrating and demotivating.

Lose weight healthily: In the HausMed course Lose weight healthily, a trained course leader is always available to help you and answer all your questions free of charge. What’s more: an entire course module is dedicated to the topic of “stagnating weight” – so that you understand why this doesn’t have to be a problem for your weight loss plan.

Better understand how to lose weight healthily – click here

5. Senseless food bans that only stress you out

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Eating should continue to bring you joy – instead of stressing you out with prohibitions. (© Adobe Stock)

Problem 5 that you don’t have to have: Constantly falling back into old habits – because the diet rules simply don’t suit you.

The problem: The strict rules and radical interventions of many diets often do not fit with one’s personal lifestyle. The result: You don’t live by these rules, you endure them – and that is difficult to maintain in the long term. Sooner or later, the pressure leads to you falling back into old, unhealthy habits, accompanied by the feeling of having failed. Pure frustration.

Lose weight healthily: Focus on targeted, sustainable changes instead of radical changes. In the HausMed course Lose Weight Healthily, we will guide you step by step towards a balanced diet. Of course, there are a few principles, such as the DGE recommendations. But we won’t force a concept on you that doesn’t fit into your everyday life. You don’t want to eat three times a day? No problem. In our program, you don’t necessarily have to eat breakfast in the morning if you don’t feel like it.

Lose weight healthily: here is a plan that suits you and your everyday life

6. Unsustainable recipes from the day before yesterday

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Modern recipes pay attention to a high proportion of plant-based ingredients. (© Adobe Stock)

Problem 6 that you don’t have to have: Recipes or diets that neglect plant-based nutrition and do not pay attention to sustainability.

The problem: Many traditional diets ignore modern, plant-based cooking and recipe ideas. The frequent result is a one-sided and unhealthy menu. For example, there are specialized low-carb diets that focus on meat, eggs and dairy products. This can achieve short-term success, but a plant-based diet also offers health benefits and is also more environmentally friendly.

Lose weight healthily: Integrate modern, plant-based recipes into your diet plan. In the HausMed course Lose Weight Healthily, participants choose which animal and plant-based components they use. Plant-based recipes make up the largest proportion of the course because they allow you to have a significant impact on your own CO2 emissions – regardless of your personal attitude to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Lose weight healthily and protect the climate at the same time – this is how it works

7. One-sided paths

healthy weight loss exercise home medicine nutrition
Healthy weight loss and exercise naturally go together! (Photo: CC0 / Unsplash / Boxed water is better)

Problem 7 that you don’t have to have: Weight loss programs that focus solely on nutrition and neglect exercise.

The problem: Many diets focus exclusively on nutrition and neglect the factor of exercise. This can be fatal, for example if you lose muscle mass through poor nutrition and lack of exercise and thus reduce your body’s basal metabolic rate – because then the yo-yo effect is guaranteed.

Lose weight healthily: Set yourself goals not only for weight loss but also for exercise, whether it’s strength training, jogging or walking. In the HausMed Lose Weight Healthily course, we offer training plans for your workout at home every week, with exercises that even inexperienced people can manage. We are convinced that exercise in combination with a balanced diet is the most successful in the long term.

Learn how to easily combine healthy weight loss with everyday exercise

Lose weight healthily with the HausMed course

HausMed has been offering online prevention courses for over 15 years. The innovative range of courses not only covers classic topics, but also addresses important, contemporary topics such as climate-friendly nutrition. And even better:

  • Your health insurance pays: Participation in HausMed courses is financially risk-free, as the costs are covered by statutory health insurance. Two courses per year are financed by the insurance companies – if you want to lose weight healthily, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

  • HausMed caters to you: The “Lose weight healthily” course adapts recipe recommendations and portions to the individual calorie needs of the participants. This enormous effort ensures that participants receive tailor-made plans that fit their personal needs.

  • HausMed is there for you – personally: During the courses, HausMed ensures comprehensive support. Technical questions are answered by real people by phone or email. Nutritional logs, which our participants keep and submit for days, are analyzed in detail. HausMed answers urgent questions with concrete instructions and tips.

  • HausMed supports your sustainability: HausMed wants to combine health and ecological aspects. The “Lose weight healthily” course combines the topics of plant-based diets and reducing your carbon footprint. HausMed was the first provider in Germany to introduce a certified course on sustainable nutrition.

All of this makes HausMed courses so special. The “Lose weight healthily” course is innovative and individually tailored to you, enabling you to overcome your personal challenges. Don’t just let us help you – let us inspire you to lose weight healthily and permanently while protecting the climate!

Start now with the HausMed course ‘Lose weight healthily’

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