Luminar Mobile Photo Editor: Edit photos with AI on your iPhone or iPad

If photography is a hobby of yours, then you probably know the app Luminar Neo from developer Skylum. The app is very popular among Mac users and can significantly improve your photos with various AI functions. After Luminar previously came to the iPad, it has been renamed “Luminar Mobile Photo Editor” and the app now also works on the iPhone. You can try the app for free on your iPhone or iPad for 7 days.

Luminar Mobile Photo Editor brings an innovative experience to editing photos on your iPad or iPhone. The app is designed to provide powerful photo editing for photographers on the go. For both hobby and professional photographers, this app opens up a world of possibilities to bring your photos to life.

Luminar for mobile - edit photos with AI

Stunning AI features

The app is packed with a host of features, including well-known editing tools such as Enhance, RAW file support, and AI-powered tools such as: Accent, Texture, Relighten, Skin. Do you want to give a person a slimmer waist? No problem with the AI ​​function ‘Body’, it can be arranged in a second.

Another stunning feature in the app is the ability to effortlessly replace the sky in your photos, a feature we know from the macOS version.

Luminar for mobile - edit photos with AI

The app also has an AI-based Erase function. With this function you can easily remove people, objects or imperfections in a photo. The algorithm analyzes the object and then magically makes it disappear into the photo.

Predefined filters

The Luminar Mobile Photo Editor features a large number of filters that you can apply to your photo. You can adjust the intensity of the filter using a slider. The app has general filters and special filters intended for portrait photography.

Easy to use user interface

The app’s intuitive and easy-to-use UI makes editing a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether you perform basic operations like cropping and erasing or use advanced features like sky replacement and AI enhancements, the app gives you a comprehensive set of tools to improve your photos.

Luminar for mobile - edit photos with AI

You can experiment with different filters, adjusting lighting, color and tone of your photos. Or use AI-powered enhancements to take your photos to the next level. It seems as if you have a complete photo studio at your disposal.

You control all functions in the user interface with rotary or sliding buttons, the adjustments become immediately visible. If you want to see the differences between the edited and the original photo, hold your finger on the photo. The original photo becomes visible as long as you keep your finger on the photo.

Luminar for mobile - edit photos with AI

All controls are self-explanatory and you can immediately start editing your photos. We are impressed by the simplicity of the app and results of the AI ​​functions.

All tools at your fingertips

With the Luminar Mobile Photo Editor, you have the tools at your fingertips to transform your photos like never before. Whether you’re on the go or just relaxing on the couch, this app makes photo editing an enjoyable experience.

While the app already offers a comprehensive editing experience, there are even more capabilities on the horizon. Future updates will provide new features and improvements, making the app even more powerful.

Try Luminar Mobile Photo Editor for free

You can try Luminar Mobile Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad for free for 7 days using the button below. After the trial period, you can purchase the app via an in-app purchase for € 23.99 and use it for 1 year. It is also possible to take out a shorter period (less affordable) 1 Month € 3.99 and 6 Months for € 15.99.

Using the discount code ‘Mobile20‘ you get a 20% discount on the subscription for the first period. When choosing a subscription or trial period, you can tap ‘REDEEM’ at the top to redeem the discount code.

Luminar Mobile Photo Editor

Luminar Mobile Photo Editor Category: Photo editing
Developer: Skylum

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