Luxurious float: Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine

MPV, SUV, SAV and CUV: the number of abbreviations for body styles is flying around the ears in the car country. Thanks to Kia there is another casually added. The brand comes with an extremely luxurious version of the Carnival. A real VIP MPV.

The Kia Carnival, also known as Sedona, has not been delivered in the Netherlands for years, but beyond our borders, Kia’s largest MPV is simply working on its fourth generation. Of those Carnival, presented at the beginning of this year, Kia has presented an extremely luxurious version especially for the home market. The sumptuous MPV is called Carnival Hi-Limousine and is capped to the ridge of its raised roof with indulgence.

The Carnival is by nature not a scantily endowed MPV, but this Hi-Limousine makes it very colorful. The bus has a raised roof to increase the ease of entry and exit for its passengers. The Carnival’s headliner is decorated with a sleek-looking light box, but there’s more pampering to be found in the 5.2-meter Carnival Hi-Limousine. For example, Kia does not place a back seat on the second row of seats, but two fortunate-looking ones captain seats. The entire interior is overloaded with leather and even the occupants in the third row of seats have their own infotainment system. On the second, existence is certainly not disappointing. These extensively adjustable seats can be cooled and heated. You also have USB and HDMI connections and electrically extendable reading lights on this grade. The entire rear windows can be screened off with cozy pleated curtains.

Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine

Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine

Incidentally, Kia also supplies a Carnival Hi-Limousine with a conventional bench in the second row. Whichever version you choose, in all cases there is a smooth six-cylinder of 3.5 liters capacity under the hood that is linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The starting price of the Carnival Hi-Limousine in South Korea is around € 46,000. The car will of course not be available in the Netherlands.

In the early years of this millennium, Kia sold the Carnival in the Netherlands as the big brother of MPVs such as the Joice and the Carens. The mobile ballroom, which was sold over two generations between 2000 and 2008, has now become a fairly rare model in the Netherlands.

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