M-Watch & Mondaine: Where quality, design and sustainability come together

M-Watch is the daughter brand of the large Mondaine, known for watches with the design of the Swiss station clock. There is probably no better example of Swiss precision. This passion for precision and quality can also be found in M-Watch. In the world of Mondaine and M-Watch, these properties go hand in hand with affordability and commitment to CO2 neutral, sustainable production.

The beginning of Mondaine

Founded in 1951, Mondaine has a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation. The brand is known worldwide for iconic designs, inspired by the official Swiss Railways (SBB) clock, which in turn embodies a perfect combination of simplicity and precision. For example, Mondaine’s Stop2Go line has the original mechanism of the Swiss railways: by running a little too fast for 58 seconds and standing still for 2 seconds on the 12, every Swiss train can depart exactly on the hour. What sets Mondaine apart is not only the aesthetic aspect of their watches, but also the emphasis on quality and durability.

The Mondaine factory in Biberist
▴ The Mondaine factory in Biberist

Fashionable Stop2Go MST.4101B.LBV

▴ Fashionable Stop2Go MST.4101B.LBV

Always Swiss Made: production in our own factory

To guarantee the quality and precision that Mondaine stands for, the brand ensures that the entire production of both Mondaine and M-Watch remains in its own factory in Biberist, Switzerland. This is especially clearly visible with M-Watch. These watches immediately feel sturdier and of higher quality than many other brands in the same price range. Something you can of course leave to the Swiss.

Focus on sustainability with CO2-neutral production

In addition to ensuring quality, a striking aspect of Mondaine, and therefore also of M-Watch, is their commitment to CO2-neutral production. At a time when sustainability plays a crucial role in consumer purchasing behavior, Mondaine goes beyond just making high-quality watches. The brand is committed to emitting fewer harmful substances and tries to compensate where necessary. This makes Mondaine one of the first watch brands in the world that is completely CO2 neutral. In addition, a tree is now planted for every watch sold in collaboration with the ‘Trees for All’ Foundation. This was already almost 300,000 in four years.

M-Watch by Mondaine Yellow WYO.15280.RH watch

▴ Plastic watch from the Yellow line WYO.15280.RH

M-Watch by Mondaine Blue WBD.14221.NB watch

▴ Men’s watch with NATO strap from the Blue series WBD.14221.NB

M-Watch by Mondaine: Swiss quality for everyone, every day

M-Watch’s motto is: “The Swiss watch for real life” and sells itself as “Swiss Made for everyone”. The range consists of three lines: The Yellow line is a collection of colorful, plastic watches that can withstand a beating and have a trendy design appearance. The Red line consists of watches based on classic and well-known watch designs for an attractive price. And the Blue line is a sporty category of watches that includes divers, pilot watches and military watches. M-Watch therefore has a matching watch within reach of every wallet for every occasion and situation in daily life.

M-Watch by Mondaine Blue WBX.49220.SJ watch

▴ Men’s watch Aqua Steel from the Blue collection WBX.49220.SJ

M-Watch by Mondaine Blue WBL.41220.LT watch

▴ Pilot watch Aero from the Blue collection WBL.41220.LT

Then the range! Because in addition to quality, a good price and sustainability, Mondaine also has an eye for design. The style characteristic of Mondaine itself is clear; the Swiss station clock. That of M-Watch is more extensive. They combine timeless designs with a clear, individual touch. For example, the M-Watch diving watch has a striking detail of the Swiss cross at the end of the second hand, and the pilot’s watch has this cross in bright red instead of the number 12.
In fact, every well-known and classic watch design can be found in the M-Watch range, of course at an excellent price. So whether you like diving watches, minimalist watches or watches with a bit of bling, M-Watch has it!

M-Watch WRE.62111.SJ watch

▴ Women’s watch from the Red collection WRE.62111.SJ

Women's watch from the Blue collection WBL.64280.SJ

▴ Women’s watch from the Blue collection WBL.64280.SJ

In short, M-Watch offers stylish and, above all, high-quality watches that are sustainably produced. The brand has succeeded in appealing to watch enthusiasts, environmentally conscious consumers and people who value a high-quality product. So whether you are looking for a timeless design, a high-quality watch or a sustainable choice, one thing is certain: you are always in the right place with M-Watch!

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